Yay-hoo Snow Activities

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to give you more Southern snow updates.

PhilBillPaul wanted you all to have accurate photos of the total accumulation.

There are some great perks of having an impromptu snow vacation.

I’d like to clarify that some of these activities you see on the news are not fully reported when they put up sound bites and funny pictures.

People tend to laugh at Southerners more than in other parts of the U.S.

I’m not denying that I’m right there with them sometimes.

On Monday the local channels pre-empted all regular programming for the entire day. How many ways can you talk about and show snow and ice?

Reporter #1:
“I’m here at this shopping plaza in Lawrenceville where you can see that all the shops are closed except the grocery store. But there are only two cars in the parking lot because you can’t drive on ice.”

Reporter #2:
“Marietta is experiencing freezing sleet. [reporter bends down to poke snow] See that? There is a layer of ice on top of the snow. This is not good.”

Reporter #3:
“There is another car that couldn’t judge the center median. Their car is stuck on top of the cement they couldn’t see and that’s why their wheels are spinning.”


Even so, I feel like I need to defend some of the snow activities during this Blizzard 2011.

First, not only do we not have many winter clothes, we definitely do not have winter toys.

We must improvise.

If you don’t have a sled…

Have your dad blow up your inflatable beach whale.

Pictures are blurry since PhilBillPaul was using the zoom from the porch. It’s really, really cold here – some of us are watching all the fun from the windows.

Second, can you even imagine being a wiener dog born in the South and stepping out in to this stuff?

Hello, they have short legs. How are they supposed to go to the bathroom when the snow makes their legs disappear?

Poor Dudley.

Major News Update

The Grunter even went outside.

He and a friend had a snowball fight. Outside. Shut up.

The only thing better would have been if the darling twins had been home trapped with us. I know that’s what they are thinking too.

But they were already back up at college.

At least they sent pictures to show us how yay-hoo soldiers improvise up in the North Georgia mountains.

If you don’t have a toboggan…

Just blow up your raft.

Make the kids sledding on pieces of cardboard jealous.

I love their creative thinking.

The raft doubles as an excellent snow-hauling vessel.

Such talented snow-sculpting soldiers they are.

Side note: Roger Leroy why are you not wearing your gloves?

Love, your mother.

We’re embracing our third snow/ice day but The Grunter is getting nervous about our food supply.

In fact, I think he’s getting the shakes because this is the longest he has gone without some type of fast food since he started driving.

Stay tuned.


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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Awesome post!!!

  2. 2

    The funniest news report we heard yesterday was about the armed robbery of a liquor store. The police responded to the alarm call and noticed the fresh footsteps in the snow. They followed the footsteps to the front door of an apartment located next door! Found the two 19 year old “suspects” inside! Unbelievable!!

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      That’s a good one I missed! I also liked the mayor of Atlanta saying in hindsight that the city would go out and start clearing the roads even though it’s the state’s responsibility and he didn’t want to “assume responsibilities of state roads” and he would “move quicker to take custody…” blah, blah, blah. More baloney from a politician saying “It’s not our job.” So lame!

  3. 3
    ed says:

    looks like Jenna’s college career is off to slip sliding start

  4. 4
    Mollie says:

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed it to get through my hump day. Shut up. 😉

  5. 5
    julieann says:

    If the inflatables fail as sleds, frisbees work well on crusty, ice-covered snow. The biggest problem is fitting your behind into the frisbee, but that shouldn’t be an issue for your twiggy crew.

  6. 6
    ed says:

    the ultimate snowball fight at NGCSU



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