Words of Affirmation

PhilBillPaul is a man of few words. It takes him some quiet time to form full sentences. He’s always been like that. It’s probably what was attractive to me in the beginning of our relationship. Because he was quiet, thoughtful and low-key.

You all probably know what once was attractive can become rather frustrating as our years of wedded bliss have flown by. Four kids and a wife who all need words of affirmation living with a man who doesn’t can be stressful. Praise and positive reinforcement do not come naturally to him.

He does try. He really does.

After a cross country banquet at school, Roger Leroy brought home a gallon jug of sweet tea that was leftover. No one drinks tea in our house except PhilBillPaul. It was a nice gesture on her part. (And somewhat freegan-like even though this was before we learned she’s on the verge of becoming a freegan!)

The best part though, was his reaction, after the tea was gone. He uses gallon jugs for his aquarium obsession hobby.

As he filled it with water to add to his aquarium, he said (in a very animated voice), “Roger Leroy, this is the best thing you’ve ever done!!”

Roger Leroy: What?

PhilBillPaul: This clear jug is great. I love it.

I felt is was only fitting to document that moment with a photo.

Here is THE BEST thing Roger Leroy has ever done.


Life Lesson (LL): Take what you can get. (As in Roger Leroy took the jug and took the awesome praise from her dad.)

Share a Life Lesson (SALL): Any little ways you find to praise your children and build up their self-esteem? I’ll pass on stories on to PhilBillPaul who always appreciates insight from others.


One year ago..

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    Joanne says:

    Here’s one for you…I ended up with a horrible migraine. The kind that makes you feel like you want to throw up. I managed to pick up my 4 year old daughter, get home and call my husband to ask him to pick up our 6 year old son. My daughter heard me explaining to my husband what was wrong with me. All I wanted was a cool dark place but I had to settle for the couch. Next thing I know, she’s kneeling next to me putting her cool hands on my forehead and explaining she brought me the trash can from the bathroom in case I needed to throw up. She put a blanket on me and sat by head asking me if I need the trash can. When the boys got home she told them all to be quiet because Mommy’s head is sploding. Then SHE sent me to bed now that Daddy’s home. All I could say was “Thank you for being the BEST nurse anyone can have!”

  2. 2
    Sherra says:

    Joanne–Sometimes our kids are the BEST nurses we can ever have! And boy, oh boy, do I know too much about migraines. Hot tip I just got from my new doctor that actually seems to be helping me to manage my migraines – 500 mg of magnesium at the onset of headache. (I also take a prescription from my neurologist but I’m always open to try new things – especially healthy supplements.) Try it and let me know if it helps. 🙂