Wiener Dog Monday

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two weeks and I’m compelled to have another Wiener Dog Monday!

Mostly because Ann sent me a picture of Blaze and I wanted to post it.


It could also be due to my exhaustion from a busy weekend working. I am proud to report it was a mere one Valium weekend.

We have all lived through Spring Break and the little darlings are back in school this morning. (very quiet WOO-HOO!)

Okay, focus, back to the subject of wieners.

This weekend I was catching up on blog reading and I laughed out loud when I came across this little side note from a mom in Alaska who was actually writing about ice cream taste testing with her family. (Very cute idea for a family activity.)

But what the heck did that have to do with wiener dogs?

Well, apparently, she’s a bit random like me and added a note about a cute story you can read online with your kids called…

The Wiener Dog Magnet

I must show it to Scary Baby this week. It’s perfect for beginning readers if you have a little one but it’s also a cute online book for any family with wiener dogs.

I’m both happy and sad to report that NO ONE has correctly guessed the year those stellar family pics were taken with my siblings.

My cheatin’ cousin Sally didn’t even guess right. (I said cousins were ineligible to guess and she did it anyway – there’s one in every family!)

Feel free to go back to that post and guess again because you could get the coveted award…

Wiener Award

I’ll give you a few more days and then I’ll have to think up another contest and it might have a REAL prize that I will actually mail to the lucky winner.

Even better and to the relief of most of you, I’m quite certain it will have nothing to do with wieners (or dogs).

Finally, I just have to share this fabulous item I found to send to my friend Ann for her birthday this month. You know how when you find the perfect gift for a special friend like Ann, you just want to tell show everyone?

Shhhh, please don’t tell her so it’ll be a surprise.

bumper sticker

It’s a bumper sticker and I think I still have time to order it. It is so perfect for her! Don’t you think she’ll love it? 🙂


One year ago..

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Awww…look at that cute little weiner! AND I LOVE my birthday present! Thank you so much! XO

  2. 2
    Sherra says:

    Ann » I told you not to look – now it’s not a surprise!!! LOL

  3. 3

    Oh I’m so glad you liked it–all those comments and visitors last Friday and no one even mentioned that they clicked on the book and I was disappointed because I thought it was so funny.

    I love the part where she makes the bridge of wiener dogs.

  4. 4
    Sherra says:

    Michelle at Scribbit » My big kids even loved it! They read through the whole book and were laughing. It was perfect for our Wiener Dog Monday…thanks! 🙂

  5. 5
    Karen says:

    Not that I’m competetive, but I have two other weiner dog signs that say “My Weiner is smarter than your honor student” and “I’d rather be at home playing with my wiener”. Needless to say, they have pictures of weiner dogs on them and they are headed for a scrapbook and not my bumper. I bought the “rather be at home…” one for my hubby and he didn’t find it funny! I’ll go read the Weiner Dog Magnet now….

  6. 6
    Sherra says:

    Karen » Email me pictures of your dogs – they could be featured on next “Wiener Dog Monday”!! I found many other (um) *inappropriate* wiener dog sayings that I’ll save for later. Trying to keep the site at least PG-rated. 🙂

  7. 7
    sherry says:

    8 months ago I agreed to give temp. Home to one female weiner dog, that was taken from a breeder. The woman had 112 pure bred dogs and breeding them like crazy with no medical care & dirty conditions. Well I named this scared skinny little thing (miss Eumma )and fell in love the first night.
    6 weeks later she crawled into my closet and gave birth to two beautiful puppies. It was a shock to me. She was so thin and I had not a clue.
    Well we headed to the nearest vet.
    Eumma is still my heart, but I have found room for her pups as well. Miss Enga and prince Harry. Some how harry came to us a a beautiful long haired while Enga a smooth coat like her mom. They are very tiny like the mom who weigh in at 7lbs. now at her healthy state.
    The whole family love these little clowns. they have now all been fixed and are in great shape. I never understood the love some people spoke of having for a pet. I do now. These guys are my family,my hobbie,my worry stones and my bed warmers.


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