Typo Tuesday ~ Weekend Festival

Always love typos supplied by my blog reader friends. I received these two via text and this message:

How many typos in one sign? Oh, and this was at the lavender festival so you think they would have gotten that right!

A second photo followed with this message:

All in the same weekend!

Thanks Stacey, the pasta menu item is now one of my personal favs!


One year ago..

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  1. 1
    ~julie says:

    I’ve been having anger hair lately myself. Think there might be an actual market for that word—sort of like the ESPN crew inventing “physicality.”

  2. 2
    Jenn Ross says:

    No wonder I’ve been cranky after dinner. It’s all that anger pasta I have been eating! And yes the other one should be a bar since no one can spell restaurant! Thanks for making me laugh this morning!
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Friends don’t let friends ride their bikes naked!


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