Typo Tuesday ~ Its a Pet Peeve

I know regular folk have typos all the time – including me! It’s really difficult to proof your own work.

What I’m featuring today is a grammatical error which is technically much different than a typo. A typo really means a key stroke gone wrong. An extra letter, a missing letter or letters transposed – it’s easy to do.

Seems like a lot of people can’t get this one right.

Though I think the reality is that the people who misuse the apostrophe by adding or omitting it don’t really care.

It’s = contraction for it is (or it has)
Its = possessive

Any time you are in doubt, just see if you can use “it is” in the sentence? If you can, than use “it’s”!

If you do care but still get confused, here is a bossy funny cartoon you can print about its and it’s to help you remember which one to use.

I do believe if your job is to type copy for television shows or you are writing for a newspaper you should review this grammar rule.

When I was asking our friend “google” for a quick and easy tip to remember, I had to crack up when I found this one.

Great explanation but can you find a typo in the tip?



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  1. 1
    Karen says:

    You have struck a chord with me! So agree-these are NOT typos! It’s/its is probably the most common error followed closely by the fact that now suddenly everyone thinks they need to put an apostrophe each time they use a plural. Is it just me or are we honestly seeing this error more and more in print? I can just picture it now as Mother’s day approaches. A big shout out to all the MOM’S out there!
    Karen recently posted..Deals of the Week

  2. 2
    Peggy says:

    The one I hate and see more often than any other is- your, you’re. I bet 1/3 of all posts on facebook have that mistake in it. Once we even got an invitation- from a school teacher- that said: Your invited. Get with it folks!!

  3. 3
    ~julie says:

    Gee—who knew that overuse of an apostrophe is called “apostrophe abuse.” Elder abuse, child abuse, and now this atrocity! When will it ever end?


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