Typo Tuesday ~ How’s Your Eyesight?

I have been buying all my prescription glasses at Zenni for several years.

I highly recommend their inexpensive glasses especially if you like to have a variety of frames.

It’s probably too late to get your Mother’s Day order in but I was amused when I received this offer via email last week.

Save on all your Eyeglasses Needs at ZenniOptical!

I’m also available as proofreader for their ads.


Side note: In full disclosure, affiliate ad link in this post and in sidebar means I may receive a small kickback if you click on the link and make a purchase but my opinions are always my own. I’ve been ordering from Zenni and told people about them way before I signed up for their affiliate program. Affiliate ads help offset the costs of running the blog so thank you!


One year ago..

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    julieann says:

    Wow! Wish I had known about Zenni two weeks ago. Just bought new glasses (using vision insurance) and it still set me back over $500! I will check them out in the future. ” Recieve” is a small price to pay for bargain glasses.