Typo Tuesday ~ Google Peak

I had to bring it back.

I know, I know. Some of you love Typo Tuesday and others do not understand my sick fascination with typos that I find. I really can’t help it ~ it’s a gift.

Or a curse.


I really love my friend Google and consult with him daily. (I think Google is male?) I consider Google to be one of my smartest friends.

This screenshot came from Google Docs which is just one of the many services Google offers. If you haven’t used it yet, try it! Super easy and free. What’s not to love?

I was a little surprised that my friend Google doesn’t have a personal proofreader to catch things like this.

The screenshot was from last week so maybe they’ve fixed it by now. I hope so.

If not, they could hire me to proofread everything they do. They could send it all to me via Google Docs and I can proofread from home. That would be my dream job!

I’ll let you know if they call me…


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  1. 1
    Cousin Dee says:

    Sherra, I have forwarded this blog to my pastor’s son who just got a job at Google. He had a summer internship there and they have already hired him, although he hasn’t graduated from Purdue until May. How cool is that? Anyway,if you happen to get that job, make sure I get the “finders fee”!

    • 1.1
      Sherra says:

      Very cool! The Grunter needs to do that same thing. He would be much more hip and cool working at the hip and cool company and he uses all things Google. He has inherited my proofreading gene. LOL

      If they need a more mature proofreader, I’m available and waiting for their call. I’ll be sure and let you know!

  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    I hope you hear from them. It truly is a gift you have and you do need to share. Good thing you have this blog. I know it keeps me on my toes, lol!

  3. 3
    ~julie says:

    Apparently Google relies on Spell Check. Keeps them at “peek” performance.

  4. 4
    Ann says:

    I love Typo Tuesday!!

  5. 5
    Norma C. Roberts says:

    You have a rare gift, I want to know these typos that we can always see but we just don’t mind it. It’s good that you can see it and share it here. Thanks!