Typo Tuesday ~ Berry Season

Still alive with more stories to tell.

Until then…

What’s your favorite berry?

We squealed as we watched “Cupcake Wars” about how delicious this cupcake sounded with one of our favorite berries. Even if the person who types the segment labels can’t spell.

The darling twins are at their U.S. Army National Guard Annual Training. Luckily they are not too busy to send covert cell phone pictures of their berry choices at chow.

Sign maker may be related to Food Network intern.


One year ago..

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    ~julie says:

    Did the twins insert the “P” on the salad bar sign? They are getting the good grub at training. Chris complains about the food at Fort Jackson each time he calls home. I don’t believe they have a salad bar option and, even if they did, he would most likely not take note of any misspellings on the menu. Too busy eating anything edible and sleeping standing up. 😉