Typo Tuesday ~ Catering Menu Options

One of my favorites…

Especially when the subject matter is clearly about food, cooking, restaurants, menus, etc.


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    Jenn Ross says:

    Okay it ALWAYS takes me awhile to find these. Good thing I don’t proof read for a living. I did just have to have a talk with my hubby about reading for content and not for grammar or spelling errors or missed words. No matter how much I proof read my blog I often end up with a missed word or a grammar error. OMG that is how you spell grammar???
    I told him he needs to tell me what he thinks of the content FIRST then maybe he can point out the errors in an hour or two. I like to know when I’ve goofed but not before a commentary on the content!! Especially from him!!!
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  2. 2
    ~julie says:

    Hmmm…I’m wondering why you were looking at a catering menu promo… Desert, dessert—menus, menu. Poorly written in general. Dying for a red pen.