Trashy daughter is a trendsetter!

I wish I’d known what a trendsetter Roger Leroy was before I posted about her eating trash at church last week.

I’ve always described her as living to the beat of her own drum. She is a quirky kid with her own unique personality.

When I received several emails about her eating trash and people asking if we had seen Oprah’s show on “freegans” we weren’t even sure what people were talking about so we had to find out.

I’d really never thought of her as a trendsetter. Until now.

Read why she is a such trendsetter here on Oprah’s show recap.

Roger Leroy isn’t ready to join the freegan movement and doesn’t necessarily like to be labeled. She said she already knew she wasn’t a trash eater even if Wizzy called her one. She just chose to use her resources like freegans are doing.

I think if she does decide to become a freegan, it will be a good thing. I won’t have to worry about her taking care of herself. I’m all about life skills.

I didn’t realize, until now, how the skill of retrieving things from our own home trash seconds after I put them there would be something that would benefit her later.

Come to think of it, The Grunter set the precedent for grabbing things out of the trash right after I put them in–you know that old saying:

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

They always seem to find treasure in our trash (and sometimes the neighbors’ trash). Then they would try to convince me of how much they needed what I had just thrown away. Maybe they can go dumpster diving together.

I hope they bring home some nice things for their mom and dad.

They are smart, these kids of mine.

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you what she and her Daddy brought home from the church trash on Saturday night.

Roger Leroy is a freegan

Call me if you need any buns…


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    Rhonda says:

    Ha, I went grocery shopping yesterday and do believe I am going to put my kids to work…. although the only “dumpster diving” going on in our remote and rural area is that of the raccoons and skunks. Not the kind of company you want to run into while searching for food.

    I also watched the Oprah show on Freegans. Like you said, you will never have to worry about your kids living on their own…. and starving.


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