I love to speak to women of all ages and stages of life.

I am passionate about helping women see that they are not alone and we are more alike than we are different.


Hear what others say about Sherra…

“Sherra is the funniest woman I know. Not only is her training the most entertaining presentation you will attend, but it is the most honest look at life and business you will hear for years to come. Her training is the very best at sending you home, not only entertained, but honestly feeling like you have a plan to go home and put to use. She delivers a 1-2-3 step plan that you can customize specifically to fit the needs in your life/business.”
–Lori, event planner/corporate training, MN

“I have to say it is her deep and constant search for meaning in life that she expresses so well in so many ways. She has the ability to say what others cannot and it usually speaks to most of us in ways we may not always (as women) be comfortable visiting. Make time to find yourself and be committed to listening to your own needs. She pointed out to me how the world can suck you dry and leave you with very little for yourself. I have learned from her that it is okay to search for more and draw your boundaries.”
–Melinda, consultant, GA

“She reinforced my belief that girlfriends and treating yourself well is what makes the bad parts of life easier.”
–Terry, business owner, WI

Below is a sampling of topics I have presented in both small groups and to large audiences. Each speech is customized for the audience and I will work alongside you to make your event a success!

Women’s Groups, Clubs, Churches or Civic Organizations:

  • The Art and Power of one tiny word: For women who do too much and can’t say “no” because they were raised to be polite and help others before taking care of themselves.
  • Quality Time for You: How to carve out quality time so you can take care of yourself first without feeling guilty and selfish.
  • The Balance Buzzword: Why balancing work, family and personal life is a myth that keeps us feeling inadequate & how to change it.
  • Does Your Inside Match Your Outside? Also known as the “I’m Fine” syndrome. Why women still aren’t comfortable talking about feeling unhappy especially when everything looks great on the outside.
  • Teenagers: Why we keep quiet about feeling like a failure as a mom and how to find support without feeling crazy.

Topics can be tailored for workshops or retreats or as a keynote speech.

Download Women’s Groups One Sheet pdf doc

Direct Sales Organizations:

  • You’re not the boss of me: How to inspire your team of “volunteers” to see their full potential AND show them the “what’s in it for me” benefits of having a homebased business.
  • Am I making any money? How to answer the #1 question when family and friends think you don’t have a “real” business. Also known as Profitability 101.
  • My tools don’t fit in my toolbox: Learn what the right tools are for scheduling, selling and recruiting and throw away the broken, outdated tools that aren’t right for the job.
  • Why did I come to this meeting? Bring value to “another night out” and leave with new tools and skills that make coming to the meeting worth it.

Topics are appropriate for all levels of consultants and leaders.
Exclusive leadership topics are also available.

Download Direct Sales One Sheet pdf doc