This Is How We Roll

The Grunter is still here living with us. He really does take care of almost all of his own needs. I don’t buy his shampoo, deodorant and various other sundry items. He pays for his own haircuts, car insurance and almost all his own food. He really does support himself except for the room and board part. I do feel the need to give him credit for this in an era where many young people his age are still being fully financially supported by mom and dad.

He keeps his quasi-bachelor pad in the basement decent. He comes upstairs occasionally for a meal or to sit and talk to us.

After one such visit upstairs to our main level, he went upstairs to the bedroom level and came back down with one roll of toilet paper.

I’ve worked hard to teach independence and imparting the importance of how they need to learn to take care of themselves. There are still some little things I try to do. One of those is supplying toilet paper for anyone at our house using our bathrooms. Because I have a generous heart like that.

So I say to The Grunter, “You can take more than one roll of toilet paper for your bathroom.”

He has a quirky smile and turns to go down the basement stairs.

And now you understand the title of this post and the intentional bad pun.

Yes, I made him back up and re-enact this moment so I could take pictures.

Because funny is really how we roll…

And I love when my kids make me laugh.

Well played, Everett, well played.


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    Ann says:


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    I just heard on the radio that laughter is part of evolution — necessary for our survival — and that when we laugh with someone, it’s a reflection of shared values. I laugh with you (and your son who was willing to re-enact the exchange! Bless him!) on this.
    MinnesotaTransplant recently posted..Inspiration comes in many forms

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      Sherra says:

      Laughter is sometimes the only way I survive on some days! While I try to catch spontaneous moments with my camera, my kids are used to photo re-enactments. 🙂

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    Jenn Ross says:

    Love it!!! I love when my kids make me laugh as well. Last night was NOT one of those times. Our 25 yr old son was home for a visit after being overseas for 8 months. He is earning a good living and we are proud of him and I was quite wistful when we said good-bye to him yesterday for another year over seas UNTIL I saw his bathroom sink.. I am already writing my apology note to his ( as yet to be found) future wife because I obviously fell down on the job in teaching him the art of cleanliness. I was cleaning his bathroom sink at midnight last night and at that point not missing him very much. He must be talented because I have NO idea how anyone can get a sink that dirty in a short amount of time. He called to say he arrived safely and I sort of made a joke about it but did inform him there would be daily bathroom inspections the next visit just so I don’t have to see that again. Now to tell his Dad he dented the car. And that is how we roll around here…geez. I like your rolling better.
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Grandma’s T-shirt had a best friend too! Who knew?

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      Sherra says:

      Let me know how those daily bathroom inspections go – I stopped going in the kids’ bathroom years ago. Glad you had a good visit in spite of the sink!