The Twenties

One lives in the basement.

Two live away from home.

“All three are in college full-time and have part-time jobs.”

My personal one-liner when I start stressing about any one of them or all three at once.

Yet, parenting does not get easier.

In case you haven’t experienced the twenties thus far…

Yes, we enjoy a quieter house.

We miss them but not their messes.

We worry as they go on spring break to the beach.

In a large group.

We’re glad when they come back safely.

But the cycle of worry starts anew…

When one sends this picture via cell phone…

Side note: She was following this vehicle but wasn’t in it.

And the other one comes home to get this…

This part passed way too fast…

Three years ago I told them, “You’re Gonna Miss This”

I don’t think they do yet.

But I do.

Moms, what age do you miss the most?


One year ago..

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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says:

    Good going Sherra..make me cry at 9am! I still have 2 in their 20’s and (gasp) one in her 30’s. Two are married with kids and all threeare employed and doing well BUT the age I miss is 3yrs old. It is my favorite age. Mine were potty trained, could converse pretty clearly and still thought we made the sun rise and hung the moon. They still ran like crazy to greet us , gave us great sloppy wet oatmeal kisses and loved spendig time with us. They still like to spend time with us and have graced us with adorable grandkids so I am not complaining..but I still wish they thought we hung the moon and a run at full speed to give us a hug is always appreciated. Think I’ll go look at their baby books!
    Jenn Ross recently posted..My life as a sitcom part 2!

  2. 2
    Maryden25 says:

    So glad to read your post here.. Being a mom it is sad to know that our babies are growing to fast, and just in a blink of our eyes, our babies are turning into a full grown adult.. Sometimes it makes me cry to think about it.
    Maryden25 recently posted..Biggby Coffee Coupons

  3. 3
    ~julie says:

    Who would have ever known that those cute 3bies would one day answer to “Wizzy” and “Roger Leroy.” I miss the early elementary years—old enough to converse and carry some responsibilities, but still mostly unstained from the world.