The Tween

We’re counting down the last days with our tween.

Yes, it’s true but we will be parenting our 4th teenager this month.

When one of The Twenties (darling twin #1) generously supported her school magazine fundraiser, none of us were aware of what she ordered without parental supervision.

Magazine confiscation took place immediately.

Because I am that mean mom.

I wish her “bubble” was smaller and free of advertisements and three Twenties as siblings.

Alas, I can’t change birth order but I can do my best to keep things age appropriate in a world that continues to make things too complicated for our youth.

I know it is universal that when we are young, we want to hurry up and get older.

Then when we get older, we often long for our younger days.

My job as the old and cranky parent is to slow her down.

Even when she bestows the title of “Fun Sucker” on me.

Such an honor.

So many perks with the mom job.

Love you as big as the whole world, Scary Baby.



One year ago..

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    Jenn Ross says:

    Keep being the fun sucker. I now wish I could keep my grand kids in a bubble as well.
    I rarely give parenting advice BUT I do feel that before cell phones parents knew who was calling and when ( like in the middle of the night)
    If my kids were still at home with cell phones I would be that mean Mom who collected them at bedtime or had some kind of program that shut them off or diverted the calls to me.
    It’s a thought..we had the same magazine problem. I used to LOVE seventeen magazine..but things were different “back in the day”…gotta get back to the ole rocking chair..LOL I survived 3 teenagers…rooting for you as you do me one better!
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Never had a mug shot before but I do now !