The Power of Laughter, a Baby and Dog Poo

In my Happy 2013 post, I revealed that I haven’t quite figured out how to start blogging again but I wasn’t ready to quit altogether.

Maybe a once-a-month blogging schedule will be the ticket to less blogging guilt.

Or not.

Right now, true confessions continue as I tell you that I laughed until I cried. Scary Baby said she hadn’t seen me laugh so hard in all her life about something I saw on TV and shared with her and PhilBillPaul.

After a week of serious health bad news about friends and family, I really, really needed to laugh.

The true confession part is that I’m sure this should not make me laugh so hard and then want to share it on my blog. I should not be so immature as a mother of 4. This should not be what brings me back to blogging.

Perhaps it was PhilBillPaul’s encouraging words “You should blog this” that compelled me to begin again. Immaturity attracts immaturity. At our house anyway.

I must type these disclaimers before you scroll down to find the source of my immaturity.

Disclaimer #1
In my diligent research as I did a quick search to find the video online, I found some people were appalled by this viral video and there was concern that the family was irresponsible for not stopping the video camera.
I think they were focused on the baby and not the dog. Nor did they want to ruin baby’s first steps by screaming at the dog and scaring baby Lydia which I clearly would have done. Scream at the dog and ruin baby’s first steps would have been me. Baby crying, mom crying and blaming dad for having a dog in the house with a baby.
Disclaimer #2
Some people believe dog poo can make a baby go blind.
I don’t know anything about this. But mom did take swift action.
Disclaimer #3
You do not have to click “play”. Just like the TV and radio and other electronic devices, you are still the operator in control.
I hope we can still be friends even if you don’t watch it. Or don’t think it’s funny. Or watch it twice. 😉

All said, this one minute video makes me laugh out loud each time I watch it.

Click here for video if you are reading via RSS or email and don’t see it below.

You have to admit, you could never stage this scene and get the timing of all this captured on film. Kudos to the family for remaining calm. I would use this priceless memory at Lydia’s wedding.


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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says:

    Thanks for my morning laugh that I soooo needed. This is real life and nothing is funnier than that. Not trying to give you blog guilt but I do miss your blogs! And just so everyone knows that kids and dogs can survive together in this day of king size bottles of hand sanitizer, my parents discovered when I was a toddler that not only was I feeding the dog part of my meals on a regular basis but I was sharing my fork with her. I’m the healthiest out of all of my siblings so maybe the scientists should research this?? LOL
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Join me as I Virtually Tri my way to Florida!

    • 1.1
      Sherra says:

      Even though we have two dogs, I’m really not a “dog person”. I know plenty of people who share plates and utensils with their pets. I try hard not to think about it. Thanks for your proof that you can turn out fine even while sharing your fork with your dog! 😉

  2. 2
    Steff says:

    Hahaha!!! Too funny!! Guess it could’ve been worse! At least little Lydia didn’t hit face first!

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      Rachel’s exact observation. Landing on her back was a good thing. I hope Lydia will have a great sense of humor from this tiny episode in her life. Still laughing…