The Lounge ~ Part Two

To quote myself…

The cleaning and fumigating and throwing away and sweeping and mopping and sorting and disinfecting and organizing, etc., took us many weekends. I’ll save pictures of that for another day.

Another day is here.

The darling twins have had this double dresser since they were toddlers. When they left for Arizona in January, we knew it would be a good time to bravely go where we had refused to enter while they were here.

Discovering that several of the dresser drawers were overflowing with clothes crammed in them, PhilBillPaul mustered all his courage and said he would wash everything because we were both afraid of what might be living in the drawers.

This is from ONE side of the dresser.

I don’t recall ever having to vacuum drawers before but there is a first time for everything. While PhilBillPaul repaired 3 broken drawers, my job was to get all the clothes sorted, organized and make them fit in proper places

PhilBillPaul even redid their closet, hanging a new clothing rod and wider shelf. Scary Baby organized their scary shoes. Sorry, no picture of the closet. I can only show you so much of our chaos.

The Grunter really pitched in and helped us…

by holding Sabu after his exhausting bath.

Finishing this massive project just before they returned, we didn’t decide on ordering a futon in time for their arrival.

Wizzy claimed the one bed as hers and Roger Leroy waited patiently for its arrival.

I was excited to find this inexpensive royal blue one online at and had it shipped to the store.

How exactly did I miss one crucial word in the online product description?

This picture will help you find the word I missed.

Still don’t know the word I missed?

Here’s another picture…

Hello? It is a futon for small people.

The eleven year old is too big for it.

The word I missed:


I gotta tell you that Roger Leroy gets a big shout-out for her flexibility and embracing the


futon and sleeping in it and laughing at mom’s mistake!

I know you are thinking, “Why the heck didn’t you all return it?”

I would have gladly returned it but our trash service picked up the box the day after the futon arrived and we then went back to the website and discovered the word I missed in the description.

Anyone need a miniature futon for little people?

You know, we don’t always connect all the dots in a timely fashion around here.

For sale: One toddler futon. Like new, barely used.


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  1. 1
    julieann says:

    Kind of makes home feel more like the barricks, huh?

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    Oh my! Thanks for your candid portrayal of a normal home with teenagers. You always have the knack of telling it TRULY like it is!
    Karen recently posted..Belt it!

  3. 3
    nancy says:

    Ha! Even the non-reader here saw MINI right away. You should have returned it. You still should…that’s crazy!


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