The End of the Road…trip

WHEW…it is very good to be home!

I slept in many different beds while on the road…

Wait, that didn’t sound right.

I mean I am grateful I had many different beds to sleep in on my road trip.

Um, that didn’t sound much better.

Let me try that again.

Thanks to Merry, Ann, Susan, Sally and Mom for a place to sleep!

Questions for the Volkswagen Beetle engineers:

Shouldn’t the plastic parts withstand freezing temperatures and not break off in a passenger’s hand, i.e. lever to move front seat forward?

Just curious.

Should the small reflective tail light just pop out and hang by the wires when traveling long distances?

I’m just sayin’

If the odometer can track 2,000 miles, why can’t it keep counting up to 3,000?

Holy cow! That translates into over 40 hours in the car.

It really was the longest road trip of my life.

And I am so grateful that the little blue bug started up every single time…

…in the frozen Midwest tundra.

Lest the Volkswagen Beetle engineers think I’m too negative…

The seat warmer feature is a winner!


To recap family life while I was away…

They survived and thrived without me.

PhilBillPaul did an exceptional job taking care of his children.

Scary Baby scored her FIRST basket in a basketball game.

The darling twins were both accepted into different colleges.

The Grunter was helpful and present when Dad needed him.

Here are the darling twins modeling the lovely clearance winter accessories I brought home for them that we rarely need in Georgia.

The looks seriously represent their personalities. Roger Leroy is living up to her code name.

I was too cold to remember to bring anything for Scary Baby so I’m taking her to a movie tonight.

I’ll work on something for The Grunter this weekend.

I’m catching up and looking forward to getting back into a routine next week!

What have you all been up to in these first weeks of 2009 while I was away?


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  1. 1
    Leigh Anne says:

    Sorry about that little plastic lever thing – guess I didn’t know my own strength!

  2. 2
    mom23boys says:

    Sounds like you had an adventure! We’ve had 70 degree weather in Denver, something I’m NOT used to…too warm for January if you ask me! Our family is welcoming in the new year with a new family member! It’s a boy! (yes, we got a dog!) I’m not really a dog person, but Chester is a German Shorthair, 8 years old, and so far very sweet and mellow. That’s enough change to last me for a while!!