Text Tuesday ~ New Potato Chips

Since I can’t seem to sit down and actually write a complete blog post with photos…

I thought I could change up my favorite random Typo Tuesday and make it Text Tuesday.

My kids randomly text me throughout the week and I’m sure many of you receive amusing texts like I do.

I especially love the ones with an accompanying photo like this one from Rachel.

I’m so glad someone finally though of this. I was tired of eating chips and hot dogs separately

Humpfreeze humor is alive and well. Thanks to darling twin #1 for this one.

Keep sending the typos if you see a good one. Meanwhile I’ll mix it up now and then with some funny texts.

I don’t want to over-commit but I might be back tomorrow. 😉


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    ~julie says:

    Ugh! Looks too yummy for words. My mother-in-law just told me about a sandwich she used to make the family for dinner using that same two-fer principle: boil a hotdog, spread a piece of bread with mustard then top with bologna and cheese. Slit the hot dog, place it on top of the bologna and cheese, and broil the whole concoction until it begins to brown. Voila—dinner! Must be more nutritious than I give it credit for because she’s 79 and still running circles around me.