Summer TV

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled “Typo Tuesday” to have a quick chat about television.

In addition to the regular life stuff that has been happening at our house in these past few months, please don’t forget that Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and Oprah ALL ended in ONE week’s time.

Life-changing indeed.

Side note: Did anyone see Rob Lowe on Oprah? Did anyone else save it on their DVR to watch again? And again.

Must be the St. Elmo’s Fire memories. The 80’s weren’t all bad. Just my opinion.

Thank goodness for The Housewives (90% of whom are not housewives), The Next Food Network Star, The Voice and a smorgasbord of other summertime viewing fun.

Remind me to tell you at a later date how I feel about caving in and watching The Bachelorette. Again.

First clue: Ridiculous.
Second clue: Addiction.

Stop judging. Remember this is a blog about sharing with SherrA.

Besides, I get more done when the TV is on. I’m productive like that.

In addition to me getting my money’s worth from our Direct TV bill, it seems we have an iPad zombie living with us.

Roger Leroy comes out from The Lounge from time to time when she needs air or food after watching an entire series of Grey’s Anatomy in a day. She just discovered that it’s a lovely show that I had kept them isolated from because of mature subject matter in their high school years.

Scary Baby wants to know why she can’t watch The Bachelorette when her other friends are allowed to.

And she doesn’t have a cell phone.

DFACS is probably on their way to our house as I type this.

What are you watching this summer? Come on, I can’t be the only one to admit some of these shows I’m watching while avoiding the sweltering heat.


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  1. 1
    ~julie says:

    I just discovered “Parks and Rec” midway through the season, so now I’m catching up on all I’ve missed. If you grew up in the midwest you can’t help but laugh at the town of Pawnee. For those in the know, how about starting a “Galentine’s Day” event on Feb. 13th on Sherra’s blog? Sherra, you do know that Spell Check underlines your name? Could you have been spelling it wrong all of these years? I’ll squeal on my husband—he watches “Ice Road Truckers”—willingly!

    • 1.1
      Sherra says:

      I may have to catch up on that one now too! Could be Shara. Or Sierra. Or Sharon. Or Sheryl. Or Sheena. Yes, I’m sure I’ve been spelling my name wrong. Probably my whole life. Or maybe I could ask the whole world to add my name to their computer dictionary. 😉

      I’m passing on that “Ice Road Truckers” to PhilBillPaul – what channel is that on? LOL

  2. 2
    Dar Sommer says:

    As for my summer entertainment..It totally revolves around the summer Short seasons. We won’t miss a Cake Boss episode, I love American Pickers, (reminds me of places I’ve seen in Indiana) And I will DVR the new episodes of White Collar so I can watch them a second time during the week! And that’s when we’re not watching the Braves Baseball 6 days a week! Ah…. ….summer TV, pop a bowl of popcorn and settle down for some family time!