Scary Baby scares herself…

Scary Baby has always been good at finding ways to occupy herself. On this day two years ago, we were all inside when we heard an ear-piercing scream in the backyard. By the time Roger Leroy had flung the deck door open to see what was happening, Scary Baby had made it around to the front porch. She was banging on the front door screaming, “I’M BLIND, I’M BLIND.” We opened the door to see this (except she had clothes on and her eyes were shut)…


This is what happens when you beat a can of spray paint with a rake.

PhilBillPaul yelled at Wizzy to go to the basement and get PAINT THINNER.

Sometimes our loved ones do not think clearly when faced with an emergency. PAINT THINNER???

I scooped up Scary Baby and ran upstairs with her and put in her in the bathtub while trying to calm her screaming and saying, “Keep your eyes closed tight and I’m going to rinse them with water. It’s going to be okay…”

Meanwhile, Roger Leroy had gone to the backyard and recovered the evidence–one very dented can of spray paint and a garden rake.

I’m not bragging here but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that…poison control said flushing with water was the right move and did not recommend using PAINT THINNER on her skin or hair.

Paint residue remained in her hair for several weeks.

I’m very happy to report her eyesight was not damaged.

Life Lesson (LL):Cans of spray paint, rakes and unsupervised children don’t mix well.

Share a Life Lesson (SALL):Any good stories you can share about leaving a child unsupervised so I can feel better about my slacker mom skills?


One year ago..

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  1. 1
    Diane says:

    Don’t feel bad…I have too many stories to print!
    My kids have had broken bones, stitches, stuff stuck up their noses, thrown my original engagement ring away- never to be found again, deodorized a room by rubbing Lady Speed Stick all over the furniture and blown up microwaves just to name a few.

    My mother is always giving me parenting advice ( we talk daily at 11:30- and if I don’t answer when she calls and don’t return her call within what she considers a reasonable time, she is calling my cell, my husband and the National Guard- ok that is a can of worms we should leave untouched until later) ANYWAY, she is ALWAYS giving me advice and my favorite response is,”Mom, I have had children for 15 years and I haven’t killed one yet- and it hasn’t been for the lack of trying!”
    I wonder… did my siblings and I turn out so great that she now thinks she is an expert??? I guess she figures she has had children for 40+ years and we’re all still living and breathing.

  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    I’m REAL glad someone remembered to call Poison Control before using paint thinner. Just think – WHAT would have happened if you hadn’t been home? (shudder)

    And exactly HOW do you ALWAYS remember to get a picture?? Or maybe the better question is WHY can’t I?? LOL

    We’ve had a few of these type life lessons ourselves over here. Falling off a bridge, rollerblading in the basement, sticking things in noses and ears.. I have to say, the majority of mine have happened when Mom was NOT present. Wonder what that says about dad’s supervision skills AND why do I keep leaving my kids with him??

    I do think we’ve done an okay job SO far. Not holding my breath but for sure keeping my fingers crossed.

    Wish I had a mom still around to call me everyday and bug me. Amazing how much you can miss that.

  3. 3
    Gayle says:

    Girl, have I missed you! Glad to have you back in the land of the living. Reading your site has brought me lots of smiles (and contemplation about my own life). I can’t wait for each “installment” of your blog – you really know how to keep us wanting more! Your “Scary Baby Scares Herself” story reminded me of the time Alyssa “painted” herself and the bathroom counter purple with a NON-WASHABLE ink pad (yes-I did take a picture, but can’t find it right now!). So I can relate. Keep up the good work!

  4. 4
    boy lovin' mom says:

    Green is such a wonderful color on kids, isn’t it? Just yesterday I was visiting a friend and saw her 4 year old with a horrible green tint to one side of his face. I truly thought he was ill. Turns out he had just put his head down on the counter on top of a large ink pad! We still don’t know what he was thinking, but isn’t it fun trying to figure it out???


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