Quality Control Issues ~ Part Two

Monday and Tuesday zipped right by and here we are at Wednesday and I have so much to tell you.

First, I know my mom may be the only one who goes back and reads comments days after I post something.

I think I’ve mentioned before she enjoys the comments more than my posts.

This one is worth bringing to your attention…

Shut up!

Someone at Target read my blog.

My comment back to Michaela which I am going to send her via email (I don’t think she has a blog):

Thanks so much for addressing my tissue incident. I’m impressed that Target is plugged into the blogging community and quick to apologize for a quality issue.

In terms of customer service, my only suggestion would be to have the appropriate department send a coupon or gift card when a problem like this is brought to your attention. As the consumer, I would be more impressed if I didn’t have to drag the aforementioned tissue and/or tissue box (that I’ve thrown away) into the store and re-tell the story.

I guess I could print the blog with the photos and take it to the store but again, I believe when the opportunity to provide extraordinary customer service presents itself – it should be effortless for the customer. 🙂

When I showed The Grunter the comment, he actually asked me if I had “planted” it there myself. Like Target doesn’t care about ME?!

Just wait until I tell you about my encounter at Kroger. I’m still recovering so I can’t type the story just yet…I promise to share it soon.

Other miscellaneous announcements:

Today is my 300th post.

Woo hoo! If you’ve been reading along for that long, I’m honored. If you just joined the party, welcome. If you could all go and tell 300 people each, my readership would explode and my blog content…um, would remain pretty much the same. 😉

Happy Birthday Tod!

It’s my brother’s birthday. Easy to remember. But I guess I should send him an email since I don’t remember how to write and mail cards the old-fashioned way. And I don’t think he reads the blog.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May you all have a happy and lucky day…


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  1. 1
    julieann says:

    Wow!!! Has your reputation spread so far and wide that even Tar-get (pronounce with a French accent, merci) is stalking, er, following the wave? Shades of “1984” and “Big Brother.”

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    OK I’m literally sitting at my computer giggling like a little kid…

  3. 3
    Julia says:

    I showed Allie this blog and she was cracking up at Tod’s “pretty” smile….That’s cool that Target is following your blog…per say!!


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