Post Coma Baby #1

I promised you that I would share something really, really good that came from the crash and the coma…

The good was the beginning of our family that we started just six months after I woke up.

Nine months later, one month and one day before our 2nd anniversary…

In spite of the fact that it was a BIG surprise and I was not and am still not qualified to be a mother…

Our son was born on September 9, 1989.

He turned 19 yesterday.

He was an absolutely delightful baby.

He was a sweet big brother when I brought home twin sisters just shy of his 2nd birthday.

And another darn sister when he was almost ten years old.

He was a babe magnet from his early days.


I won’t reveal the identity of the girls he was surrounded by but hopefully they will enjoy seeing themselves on the internet.

Neighborhood girls were everywhere. Across the street, next door on both sides…


Things were a little too easy in those early years. I knew it wouldn’t last.

He was a popular kid and this got him in a bit of “hot water”…


We told him this better be the first, last and only time we find him in our bathtub with five naked girls.

He outgrew the delightful baby stage too soon and things became more difficult.

PhilBillPaul handled some cross-dressing issues well.


Um, yes, that is a swimsuit top. And his sister’s hair bow. It was hard being surrounded by females all day.

I knew he would grow out of it eventually so I didn’t make a big deal about it.

Until he and Roger Leroy started sharing clothes.


But you just have to pick your battles so I let it go.

Side note: She still won’t wear dresses but I’m glad to report he no longer wears them either.

He’s actually very well-rounded, artistic and played different sports through the years.


Then we had eating issues.

Maybe you remember The Cocoa Krispie Nightmare?

And hair issues.


This is what happens when the Humphreys children get a hold of hair gel.

And please don’t forget, pot issues.

Oh yes–he used pot right in front of us.

From Barney to Batman, we have loved our Boy through all the great times and the challenging times.


He graduated from high school
in May and completed his first year of college during his senior year. We are so very proud of the man he is becoming.

Though most days, he is still The Grunter here at home.

We were very excited to see his new haircut last week.


We haven’t seen his eyebrows in at least 5 years!

In honor of his birthday and with his permission, he said I can reveal his real name on the blog.

But I’m going to let Grandma’s card (and Hallmark) do that for me. Because we all share a warped sense of humor and this card is now in my Top Ten of our family card competition…


Come on, that’s funny.


Good one Grandma! Grandad James Everett is looking down and laughing!

Everett James Humphreys…

Grandad Jimbo would be proud of you too.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

I love you to the moon.



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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    Love the bathtub picture! Happy belated birthday, Everett!!
    Way to go on completing that first year of college too!!

  2. 2
    Tammy says:

    I hope the Grunter knows what a blessing it is to have a mom that clearly thinks the world of him and loves him completely! He is one lucky young man! You are one mom who has been richly blessed! Congrats on making it this far in the process Sherra!

  3. 3
    Elizabeth says:

    Love the picture of the Grunter in the dress! Hilarious. I can’t believe that little boy that used to come over to my house is 19. Happy belated Birthday “Evie”.

  4. 4
    Sherra says:

    Elizabeth » Scary how much he and Roger looked alike with her hair cut as short as his, wasn’t it? I could do another whole post or two on weird outfits he wore – some may have come from your dress-up box too 😉

  5. 5
    Karen says:

    Roll like Everett is now my favorite card too, now!! I should have known that you got that quirky sense of humor from s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e. Now, I’m on a mission to meet your mom!

  6. 6
    Sherra says:

    @Karen: I’ve been told I get the humor from both sides of my gene pool. I’d let you meet my mom but she’s not real fond of people in general. Well, that and she still lives in the frozen tundra called Illinois 😉


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