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I forgot one present for PhilBillPaul for Christmas.

He buys reading glasses in bulk at the Dollar Store so he doesn’t feel bad when he loses them or breaks them. Which is often.

I tire of them being all over the house and never in the room he needs them.

We also all laugh as he pats his head and then pats his shirt pocket checking for glasses.

My friend Melodi recommended some cool reading glasses she had purchased for her husband.

They are called CliCs.

I love a good invention. You wear them around your neck.

Lots of cool people wear them. Super important to PhilBillPaul.

Okay, maybe not.

They have a strong magnetic closure at the bridge. Very cool.

Thanks Melodi for great product recommendation!

I finally got online to order them a few weeks ago.

Amazon has some great reviews on the glasses.

Only thing is – I want free shipping whenever possible. Otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve saved money not driving to the store.

I was also searching for a wire basket to attach to the wall next to my desk so I could put file folders in it. The bargain shopper in me wanted it to be less expensive than several I found online specifically for file folders. I also wanted it to be white because my cabinets are white.

Perfect shopping opportunity for me to combine two purchases for free shipping on Amazon.

I would order PhilBillPaul’s new, late Christmas gift and my wire basket.

After searching wire baskets on Amazon for way too long for anything to qualify as a bargain since the time I spent looking canceled out any savings…

I might have been a little tired and only paid attention to the price and dimensions of the basket and not much else.

When the box arrived, The Grunter opened it with my permission as I fully admitted I couldn’t even remember what I ordered.

He looked down and said, “Okay, momma this is going to take some explaining…”

Without missing a beat, I said,

“You know I’m a planner.”

“When I need a walker, I know I’ll want a basket for it.”

And it was a good deal.”

Truly, I don’t recall anything about it being a wire basket for a walker.

In my defense, the picture on Amazon is not the picture on the box.

PhilBillPaul really likes his new CliC glasses.

Reading glasses and a walker basket. Are we showing our age?

What have you bought online lately?


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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    hmmm… scrapbook albums! hehe also a lazy susan for my kitchen table and some stuff I can’t even remember at the moment! LOL I am a huge online shopper so I’m constantly receiving boxes that I didn’t remember ordering. and the scrapbook albums were digital albums that I’ve finally started doing. NOT CM yet. still working up to that.

  2. 2
    Melodi says:

    Woo Hoo! I made the blog! Glad you were happy with the Clics! I am a regular Amazon shopper and love free super saver shipping! I have a box at my door at least once a week! I buy my Keurig K cups online. I am currently waiting for a new bathroom scale I ordered last week and I always have several books on the way – which may stop as soon as I get my IPad. I also get most of my clothes online! 🙂

  3. 3
    Melinda says:

    P.S. You DO remember what today is, don’t you?

  4. 4
    Jenn Ross says:

    Love this..and I am going to get some of those glasses..the walker basker..mmm think I will wait on that one. I have made my fair share of boo boos ordering online esp when I don’t read the description.
    The last one was a Dr, Seuss book I ordered but it came in Chinese…clicked the wrong Amazon’s credit they told me to just keep it and still gave me a refund.
    By the way if you lived at my house that walker basket would be a family joke for many in “you already have the basket so we chipped in and got you the walker for your birthday, we must have inherited your planning skills!” hahahahahaha
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Victory in the tri-ing!

  5. 5
    karen says:

    Pretty Darn Funny Sherra!!
    karen recently posted..Boot Sale and Consultation Giveaway

  6. 6
    ~julie says:

    Boy, you are going to have a tough time refusing the next time the cashier at “that grocery store” offers you a Senior Discount. You now have the basket to prove it!