My Indiana Trip & Visiting Imogene

I got home late Sunday night from five fun-filled days visiting relatives in Indiana.

As I shared last week, I went back home to Indiana to visit Imogene.

One week ago on Wednesday I surprised Imogene and spent the afternoon with her. She has fallen twice since I was there last year so she spends most of her time in a wheelchair. She has made a remarkable recovery especially at age 92.

She doesn’t go out very much, if at all. Since I was there by myself and was not on a schedule, I made myself available if she wanted to go anywhere. After a little encouragement because I’m sure you know how much her generation “doesn’t want to be a burden” she finally said “I sure would like to have some good food at Gray’s.”

Gray Brothers Cafeteria is a local landmark in Mooresville, Indiana.


Photo of Gray’s sign came from this fun food blog.

Cafeterias are not my favorite kind of restaurants. I actually refuse to eat at them here in Georgia. (Another one of my issues…for another day.)

But Gray Brothers is different. I love it.

PhilBillPaul loves cafeterias so I had to take a picture of our food so I could show him I had his favorite chicken and noodles (and corn and potatoes and a roll and butterscotch pie if you’re taking inventory.)


I found a far better picture of their food at which is a fun site that features reviews the kind of down-home restaurants we love.

“A tray of lunch, Gray Brothers-style. Clockwise from the bottom left: candied beets, dinner roll, banana cream pie, orange chiffon Jell-O, lemonade, chicken with cornbread dressing.”
– Michael Stern

Imogene had those candied beets (yuck) and jello salad and fried potatoes and strawberry pie with her chicken and noodles. My photography skills really didn’t do justice to our meal.

Yes, it does appear that we might have thought this was our last meal. I’m happy to report it wasn’t. We actually took some beets, jello salad and pie back to her room.

Everything was absolutely delicious and words cannot describe what it meant to me to get to spend the afternoon with her and take her out to dinner.

The waitress took our picture and I’ve already ordered two 5 x7 prints that I’m framing–one for me and one for her!


Life Lesson (LL): In spite of gas prices and a nine hour drive, the trip was worth every moment I got to spend with Imogene and other relatives!

Share a Life Lesson (SALL): Any trip you’ve taken or are planning to take to visit someone special in your life?


One year ago..

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  1. 1
    Kerri says:

    Imogene looks pretty spry for 92! I am very happy (and lucky) to have three of my grandparents still with me. All three are in their late 80’s, healthy, and mentally sharper than I ever will be. I have dinner with my grandmother once a week (unless SHE stands ME up due to another social engagement!) and coffee with my other set of grandparents as often as they let me. I love hearing their stories of growing up, and I find that as I get older, they are willing to share some of the more wild stories of their youth with me. What a hoot!

    If any of you out there have lost touch with an older family member, I would encourage you to make contact. They would love the company and you will be blessed with some of the most interesting conversation you can imagine. Time is precious – use it wisely.

  2. 2
    Sherra says:

    Kerri » I still remember visiting your grandma (or was it your great-grandma?) and playing Flinch with her. I still have the game and taught my kids to play. Our grandparents and seniors in general are more fun than many give them credit for!!

  3. 3
    Tammy says:

    Imogene is blessed to have someone like you take time out just for her. It is rare in today’s world that any of us are willing to drop what we want-need-like to do and replace it with giving our absolute attention to someone else. Knowing that this is a woman that has probably put aside all her wants, needs and likes in her lifetime to cater to your needs and the needs of others just made returning that courtesy even more of a blessing. You are inspiring.

  4. 4
    Sherra says:

    Tammy » I’m not wearing a halo but I appreciate your kind words. I wish I lived closer just so I could do more for her after watching her be an amazing woman to so many in our family and to her friends and church. It truly was my honor and I’m mailing the framed pictures to her today!

  5. 5
    julieann says:

    I seem to remember a year ago that when you went to visit Imogene she wanted to go bra shopping vs. cafeteria dining (or is my memory failing me…). Seems to me the eating might be the easier of the two.

  6. 6
    Sherra says:

    julieann » We actually went to the same cafeteria last year…after bra shopping…so your memory isn’t failing you. 🙂