Midwest Blizzard 2011

This is what I would be faced with if I lived up in Illinois near my sisters and brother and mom.

My sister sent these pictures from her driveway.

Thank you Julie.

My kids don’t really know what snow drifts are.

Do you have any fun pictures from the blizzard? I feel like the local news asking you to email them to me and I’ll post them here so my kids can see what they have missed (and why we live in Georgia). I’d like to see who had the biggest drift so come on Illinois, Indiana and Michigan friends, send me a photo or two!

P.S. Got this text from The Grunter yesterday and it made me laugh and remember what a cute little pumpkin he was…

“Happy Brown Log Day!”


One year ago..

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    Julie says:

    Nice….it took about 4 hours to get all the snow blowing and shoveling done!!! It doesn’t look like it would but The sidewalk and everything was huge snowdrifts…it was CRAZY!!!! Then, of course, at work today everyone else had the BIGGEST snow drifts!!! I was cracking up! Can we all not agree that they were all a nightmare to shovel? Everything is a competition these days!