Longest Road Trip of My LIFE

This morning I embark on the longest road trip of my life.

In the car by myself.

Which is both delightful and a little scary.

In my meticulously detailed VW bug. Because I can’t stand a dirty car.

Thank you PhilBillPaul.

The car was also “winterized” over the weekend which is something we really don’t do in Georgia.

And outfitted with an ice scraper. Another item we rarely have or need in our car.

I’m off to the often icy, floody Midwest.

Side note: If icy is a word, why can’t floody be a word?

Because January is totally THE BEST month to visit the Midwest.

Or not.

This is a business trip with visits to family and friends sandwiched on both sides.

Back to my roots with some special visits with friends and family.

Like Sally and Imogene and Uncle Jack.

And Ann.

I know this journey is exactly what I need for many reasons.

Forgive me if I blog intermittently. I’m going to be spending quality time with some people I love and adore. And not getting my shorts in a bunch if I don’t have an internet connection.

I’m confident that everyone will be okay if I don’t post on my regular schedule because you are all just as flexible as I am.

When I get back home, we’ll celebrate my one year anniversary starting this blog with some fun things I have planned!

Meanwhile, if you have a moment, send up a prayer for me on the road and another one for PhilBillPaul as he does his Super Dad routine of taking care of the four darling children, two wiener dogs and himself.



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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Hurry up and get here!!!!! XOXO Ann

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    Don’t forget to stop in Lexington, KY for some drive-thru squirrel or possum!

  3. 3
    Kerri says:

    Your timing is perfect – below freezing temperatures, high winds, and snow. Lots and lots of snow. Welcome ‘home’! 🙂


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