Lemonade Stands &
Young Entrepreneurs

Just another fun-filled weekend at the Humphreys house coming to you in two fun-filled posts…

On Saturday, Scary Baby and a neighbor friend set up a lemonade stand at the edge of the road in our front yard.

I learned about their little business venture after it was all set up and they had sold several cups of lemonade.

When she excitedly brought in the pile of cash they had collected, I had a few questions.

Me: Did you make the lemonade yourself?
(no siblings were home at the time to help)

Scary Baby: Yes

Me: Did you use Kool-Aid?
(I was pretty sure there was none in our pantry.)

Scary Baby: No, I made it myself!

Me: With what?
(I also know there are no lemons in our house.)

Scary Baby: With water, sugar and lemon juice. (rolls eyes)

Me: Eww, how much lemon juice did you use?

Scary Baby: As much as I needed.

Ask a stupid question…

This is what happens when she is unsupervised.
Thankfully, no paint cans or rakes were involved in the lemonade stand.

To the neighbors who purchased the homemade lemonade–my apologies.


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