Leaving on a Jet Plane

Her suitcase has been packed since the day we told her she was going…


Which was last Tuesday.

She left yesterday.

But before PhilBillPaul put her on a plane on Sunday afternoon…

He took her up to the North Georgia mountains for some quality Dad/Daughter time…


Ahem. Yes, he did. On that girlfriend.

I wish I had a close-up photo of that wiener dog tattoo she plastered on her left cheek. Really a nice look.

Remember, I lost control a long time ago.

Scary Baby is now at Granny’s house in Texas.

For the record, I have never, ever sent any of my kids anywhere without one of us.

Well, the twins did get to go to Tampa on their 16th birthday which was a giant step of freedom and now looking back, may have begun the downward spiral?

Anyway, we’ve gone from six to three in a matter of two weeks.

It’s just me and PhilBillPaul and The Grunter.

It occurred to me on Sunday afternoon that we have come full circle because 18 years ago in June – at least until the 25th, The Grunter was an only child. He will get to experience that again, but only for a couple of weeks.

No…I’m actually not crying, thank you very much.

I’m quietly rejoicing in the silence in my house. I might even sneak away on a little trip myself. 😉

Thank you Granny for being brave enough to fly Scary Baby to your house and give us a much needed parenting break!!!!!!!!

It’s only June but this has been the longest year of my life…


One year ago..

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    Melinda says:

    Ha! Try an empty house! My girls went on a cruise with my sister’s family last week and I took the opportunity to send Noah (the litte brother) home with his pops (to Lake Oconee). I was hoping Noah could stay all week but alas he had a dr appt on Wednesday so he had to come home after only a couple of days.
    My DH was having kid withdrawals BAD! Guess he ain’t gonna do so well when they are all gone. I’ve been training myself with my girls trips. I can be without just fine for extended periods! Thanks, Sherra, for teaching me how to do that a long time ago.
    Any wife/mom that doesn’t do girls trips is just plain crazy in my book!