Last Night Made Six Nights in a Row

When you’re on a roll…

Just keep going.

Last night PhilBillPaul and I did it for the sixth night in a row.

Can anyone check if I should submit this to the Guiness Book people?

Okay, you’re probably right. It’s really not that extraordinary. Except for me.

I should be satisfied that it’s my personal record.

Fine. Whatever.

But last night we did go to our sixth movie in a row.

There aren’t many of his movies I miss and I knew had to see this one.

I give it a solid “A” for all the things I like about movies. It made me think and it took my breath away.

Some of you will never see it because of its “R” rating which was deserved for raw language and violence.

But if you do choose to go, know that Gran Torino is gritty and real and disturbing.

I’m pretty sure we’re breaking the streak tonight. Because the big kids are all going in different directions.

Then again, maybe we can take Scary Baby to a light-hearted, family movie before we get settled in at home to watch Dick Clark at midnight and ring in the new year…

Enjoy this last day of 2008.

Here’s my wish for each and every one of you in 2009…

May you be blessed with enough…


Whatever that may be…

With love,


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  1. 1
    Karen says:

    Haven’t made it to any of the movies but am planning to see Gran Torino (glad to know it’s good). Also, I’m committed to not seeing Quantum because I’ve watched every James Bond movie multiple times and I’m tired of them. You’ve piqued my interest with Curious Case of Benjamin Button (ok, ok, I confess, Brad is a hunk). Will recommend the theater work to my granddaughter that just moved in with us! I’d go more often if it was free! Thanks for the info. 😉

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    When looking at the coarse language or violent content in a movie it’s important to know whether those features serve a purpose or whether they are just thrown in for shock value. (An aside—don’t you hate how some PG-13 movies feel the need to insert the granddaddy of all dirty words the maximum number of times just because they can? That’s the type of thing that cheapens an otherwise good flick.) In war movies you expect some battle violence (which is why nearly every war movie earns an R rating) and Gran Torino is a war movie of sorts. It’s actually Fiddler on the Roof meets Boys in the Hood, only Clint Eastwood doesn’t have to sing. Does that pique anyone’s interest?