Knox Blox & Double Decker Knox Blox

I’ve been making these lovely little colorful treats since I was babysitter way back when. I’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love these. Adults don’t want to admit it, but they love them too.

These are vintage recipes as you can see from the condition of my original recipe cards.

Our way: We do the opposite of what the recipe says. We pour the mixed dry gelatin into the boiling water that is in a large glass liquid measuring cup and stir with a small drink whisk until everything is dissolved. There are less lumps this way. In our area, Kroger has a store brand unflavored gelatin with 24 envelopes in a box. We always have the ingredients on hand to make these.

Knox Blox


Double Decker Knox Blox



One year ago..

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    Debbie Hall says:

    Thanks for posting your recipe cards (and the recipes on them!). My recipe cards look JUST like these–scotch tape and all! I still have most of the recipes my best friend and I would cut from magazines when we were young teenagers, in preparation of of ‘hope chests’. Some I even typed (with an VERY low quality type writer!)–it’s interesting to see I still make the same typos!

    Thanks for sharing!


    P.S. Hope Chest… typewriter… Am I THAT old?


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