January Movie Reviews

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I’ve been back home for a whole week now and managed to squeeze in four movies and three basketball games in between opening mail both the paper and computer variety.

I know you’re thinking I have nothing to do and should get a life but really, my “to do” list is so long that I’m very, very BUSY refining my avoidance behavior skill. Please don’t judge.

And don’t forget we like to take full advantage of The Grunter’s movie benefits i.e. FREE tickets for family members. PhilBillPaul lives in fear that they could take that benefit away at any moment!

Movie Reviews…

…because I know how much my opinion matters to you.

Defiance starring Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber
My last week’s Wednesday night date with PhilBillPaul. Another piece of history based on a true story. Fascinating, learned more about the time period and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson and Ann Hathaway
My Friday night date with Scary Baby. Cute, sweet ending.

Frost/Nixon starring Frank Langella and Michael Sheen
My Saturday night date with PhilBillPaul. Pretty sure the teens don’t have enough history to even understand the movie which would be why there were plenty of seats and is a real shame. Stellar performances and we both loved it. Guessing only the over 40 crowd will enjoy it.

Last Chance Harvey starring Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson
After last night’s ballgame we squeezed in this one. I love Dustin Hoffman and it was cute but I probably could have waited for the video.

Still need to squeeze in three hours for that Benjamin Button flick because Ann said I should.

Any movies I’ve missed and should see? What ones are on your list to see?


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  1. 1
    Peggy says:

    I’d like to see the new Clint Eastwood flick, heard it was pretty good. The kids would kind of like to see Hotel for Dogs, not sure about that one… That’s about it.

  2. 2
    Sherra says:

    @Peggy: Don’t miss the Clint Eastwood movie – you will LOVE it!!

  3. 3
    julieann says:

    Okay, “Paul Blart:Mall Cop” is very funny IF your husband is a mall manager AND you attend the flick with the mall security director and his wife. Otherwise it would probably be pretty lame and I’m not sure why it’s been at the top of the charts the last few weeks. Cute aside—the wife told me that when she first met the man who was to become her husband she asked him what he did for a living. He told her and she replied, “So you’re a security guard?” “Actually we’re called security officers, ” he stated. If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll understand why we laughed hysterically at that.