It is not June. Play along with me.

How can it possibly be June 11th?

I still have things to complete from May.

I’m behind and I don’t like it.

Unplanned blogging break with so many things to share if I could just get my act together.

Which means I probably need to throw away my May list and concentrate on June.

I spent a few minutes looking back at my blog history and I wasn’t surprised to see a pattern that May and June are a little lighter than most months. The end of school and the beginning of summer seems to disrupt my very organized already haphazard blogging rhythm.

The Humpfreeze life lessons are in full swing for the summer of 2012.

I have stories and photos and a running list of things to blog about.

In fact, I’m very close to hitting a blogging milestone that may happen this week or next. You’ll be the first to know.


Until then, keep checking back and don’t write me off just yet.

Maybe a reader can help this lovely person who left this comment that ended up in my spam folder…

Hi!!!?I have an upcoming drug test and took a R*ob*ax*in and need to know how long it stays in your urine!!!online uk!!!!?Pa!!!!!

Side note: *Asterisks* inserted by me – hoping to ward off more drug spam.

Then again, I hope I don’t have any readers who know the answer. Just because I mention taking a x*na*x a time or two, I’m subject to spam of this nature. Go figure.

Be back soon!


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    Jenn Ross says:

    I have the same feeling. I am overwhelmed with my to do list. Trying to focus on too many things. i am learning the word No big time! Can’t wait to hear about your blogging milestone. Working hard on mine. Wrote this on my ipad wtithout my glasses so probably lots of typos. Stay sane..or at least make an effort! I am trying…some days are better than others. LOL
    Jenn Ross recently posted..My T-shirt has a best friend..who knew?