Is it Brown Hog or Brown Log Day?

This day, the 2nd day of February, always makes me laugh.

Well at least it has since 1991.

Because that was the year that EverettEdwardEvan asked me one of my all-time favorite toddler questions.

He came home from his first Mother’s Morning Out program and asked me with all the seriousness an inquisitive two-year old can muster:

“Mama, is today Brown Hog or Brown Log Day?”

It should have been my first sign that he had inherited his daddy’s finely tuned hearing.

So here at the Humpfreeze homestead, 17 years later, we still refer to this special day as Brown Log Day.

Does anyone know…

Did the Brown Log see his shadow?

P.S. Where the heck was this book chocked full of activities when my pumpkin and his tiny twin sisters were little?

I seriously would have spent the $10 bucks so we could have had a Brown Log Day party!


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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    Seriously! I’ve known you since at least 1993 I think and you’ve never told me this before? So funny! And yes, the ground log DID see his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter supposedly! hopefully it will be one of our typical mild ones so I can get some riding time in.

    Here’s the link to the official site

    Sorry I’ve not been commenting on your movie reviews. I appreciate them since we don’t go to the movies much ourselves. Too expensive! I did telll my daughters that one of them needed to get a job there.

    We enjoyed seeing Mall Cop this weekend with a bunch of other friends and their kids. I would recommend it.

  2. 2
    Kerri says:

    There is a car dealership in Michigan that celebrates Ground Hog Day with a giant blow up ground hog on it’s roof. Not to mention Ground Hog cake. And there is a song. Oh it’s big fun. The owner is a friend which is why I know of this. It’s not because I drive around looking for free cake. But now that I think of it, I love free cake. Gotta go….

    P.S. The Ground Hog cake is not made of actual ground hog. Much to the disappointment of our neighbors to the south!


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