I Love Grass

Not the illegal kind.

The green kind that they don’t have much of in Arizona.

Those were Roger Leroy’s words when we drove up to our house.

“I love grass.”

In full disclosure, she was looking at the next door neighbor’s grass. Because we have patches of weeds and a front yard that I’m sure has most of our neighbors wishing we would move.

The darling twins both contemplated getting out of the car and rolling around in the neighbor’s side yard. She has really good grass.

Wizzy’s comment as we rounded the loop on the interstate leaving the airport, “I really missed Georgia. I really like trees.”

I do understand their feelings about the green grass and green trees. I remember the first time I visited Arizona and came home saying “It’s really brown.” It’s a unique and different landscape for sure.

I think I get bonus points for NOT taking any pictures IN the airport.

I love pictures of them walking in front of me as I watch them. I wanted to capture this one in particular because Roger Leroy’s duffel bag is almost as big as she is.

“Welcome to Georgia” moment when one of the shuttle vans honked at me when I stopped in crosswalk to snap the picture of two Soldiers coming home. NICE.

I did refrain from hand gestures but will admit that I stopped in my tracks and yelled something that might have sounded like, “Bite me.”

Roger Leroy was none too happy when I “forced” them to stop at the entrance to the parking garage for this shot.

First stop for a late birthday lunch per Wizzy’s request.

One of her favorite chain restaurants and it was a delight to learn that they both got a free spaghetti meal on their birthday.

Wizzy got a little stressed because she wanted fettuccine not spaghetti. I told her to relax and I’d ask. The manager waited on us and service and food was excellent.

She got her fettuccine and Scary Baby did not sit on top of her for the whole meal. (Just part of it.)

We were also relieved that the restaurant police did not issue a ticket to PhilBillPaul who ate Roger Leroy’s birthday spaghetti in clear view of the staff while she and I split a combo platter. He wanted spaghetti, she wanted lasagna.

Are we really that big of restaurant rule rebels when we switch plates? He always gets a little paranoid and we always get hysterical watching him stress about our plate switching and overall bad behavior.

We just speculated out loud on what he thought The Spaghetti Warehouse Police might say if they caught him eating her spaghetti.


The dogs might have been happier to see them than we were.

Maybe it was a tie.

We are all glad they are home with us safe and sound.

Wizzy also shared that she couldn’t wait to see it rain. It never rained while they were gone. I was pretty sure we could accommodate that wish and within hours of being home, she got her wish.

They turned their chairs to the window and sat still for at least 5 minutes watching a storm blow in and the rain beat down.

They set a personal record and stayed home until 8:30pm and then the call of Taco Bell was too much to stand.

Wizzy ended the day with this touching Facebook update for the world to read…

And, for the record, it was all our fault. Well, mostly her Dad’s fault.

I’ll take the blame for other things in day two and day three.

A few more fun things to share this week about their homecoming.

But first up, we need to get down to the serious stuff…it’s officially day four and we’re watching The Bachelorette together tonight.



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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Yippee!!!! They’re home safe and sound! Awesome girls serving their country….XO
    Ann recently posted..I Love Grass

  2. 2
    Melinda F says:

    Welcome home twins! and enjoy’em while you’ve got’em Sherra. That’s what we’re doing this summer while ours are home. Actually one of mine has moved back home and will be going to GA Gwinnett this fall.

    I have to tell you I thought your first paragraph might have been a slam against me. I’ve got a picture of me in the Arizona airport when we visited in January. We loved Arizona and thought Tucson was pretty. It’s different from GA of course but then no place is like GA, right?

  3. 3
    Jenn Ross says:

    I totally agree about loving grass. We were in AZ last October and while the scenery was beautiful it was all orange rock..nice for a vacation but 365 days a year could get old fast.

    Glad they are home safe…yes I will be calling the restaurant police and let them know what you did…we think the same thing sometimes…must be ingrained rule following we got as kids.

    Enjoy them being home..if they are anything like mine you’ll be ready to send them on a short vacation soon…just kidding??
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Keeping it simple

  4. 4
    Peggy says:

    Welcome home girls!!

  5. 5
    Andrea White says:

    The pictures with the dogs are super cute!!

  6. 6
    julieann says:

    Wow—they look so grown up! As to that restaurant authorities thing…don’t suppose Romans 13:1-7 applies in this circumstance, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and not worry that lightening bolts are headed your way.


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