Holiday Highlights

The Grunter was the proud recipient of Scary Baby’s re-gifting prank. She ran out of money bought candy and didn’t get him a gift. On Christmas Eve she ran to her room and quickly wrapped something to give him.

We all knew it was a re-gift. She loves to give. I was thinking maybe a stuffed animal or some art supplies.

Instead, she gave him…

A two piece bathing suit.

Just what he always wanted. She thought this was the hysterical high point of Christmas morning.

It might have been but you shouldn’t try to punk your brother like that. He’s likely to get you back.

He quietly went into the bathroom and came out donning the two piece swimsuit.

Yes, it was odd that it fit.

But he is a skinny white boy just like his father.

You will have to use your imagination as to what this sight for sore eyes looked like.

Because I only emailed the pictures to immediate family.

I wish I had an audiotape of the uproar at my sister’s house when they gathered round my niece’s computer to see pictures of our pumpkin.

I bet Scary Baby will remember to get him a new present next year!

In other Grunter holiday news…

He bought the family a new game. And insisted we all play it on Christmas Eve. Everyone has played it several times and it is no small miracle to have a game that the adults, semi-adults and the 10 year old can play together.

Plus we added another game to our cabinet because my sister and mother said it was a “fun for all ages” game they all played on Christmas afternoon.

We had plenty of extra people in and out visiting and most all who came had to play. Really, you probably shouldn’t come to our house if you don’t like to play games with super loud, competitive people.

Then to end 2009 with a bang, we had another family and about 10 of the kids friends over for an impromptu New Year’s Eve party. Scary Baby and I braved the crowds at Walmart and Target to gather food and blowers while PhilBillPaul cleaned up the house.

A little Euchre, more Quelf and Apples to Apples plus the kids set up Rock Band and some other video games in the basement.

Other Miscellaneous Highlights…

Read two books, watched a ton of football and saw two movies. The movies were swamped with the new releases so we didn’t break our record from last year. We both enjoyed “Up in the Air” and “It’s Complicated”. I give them both Bs.

The girls also went ice skating and roller skating (twice).

Roger Leroy squeezed in a 7 hour defensive driving class on December 30th compliments of her speeding ticket up at college.

All of this and the kids all worked 25+ hours each at their jobs.

Impressive time management skills. Actually, youthful energy is probably more accurate.

How did you spend the holidays? Glad they’re over or wished they lasted longer? Are you back in a normal routine?

Does NO ONE have any hog jowl recipes???

Check back on Friday for our Humpfreeze Holiday FOOD highlights…


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  1. 1
    julieann says:

    We do a holiday regift each year, too, to my 6’2″ son. He receives the same gift each year—a footed pajama sock monkey suit (think the pink bunny suit from “A Christmas Story” only in red with monkey feet). The trick is packaging it so that he doesn’t guess the contents and discard it before the big day. Once he opens it he has to try it on and we agree that Aunt Clara always sends him the nicest gifts and he’ll only have to wear it when she visits. He thought he foiled next year’s regift for us by shoving it into the trashcan once it was at the curb after Christmas this year and if he had taken out all of the household garbage he might have gotten away with it. Since he doesn’t know that I rescued it, next year should be a real surprise.

  2. 2
    Tammy says:

    We got two new games this year: Mad Gab which is hysterical and the game Things available only at Target. Its tag line reads “Humor in a box” and it does not disappoint. It is funny but parental warning: it can get racy if you have an older group with brains that dance in the gutter. It may not score as a Humpfreeze favorite since it may not be competitive enough for your gang but you might need some Depends to catch yourself when you pee in your pants laughing!!!

    By the way have you tried any of the hog jowl recipes I sent you yet??? YUM YUM YUM!!

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      @julieann–I think it’s time you got your own blog so you can post those pictures of your son’s sock monkey suit. Those sneaky kids are never quite sneak enough – good save on the trash retrieval!!

      @Tammy–The girls bought Things and it is for late night only. They begged us to play it and we do have to keep it put up from the younger crowd! No hog jowl recipe experiments. I’m just not brave enough. 😉


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