Girls Weekend and a Parade

We had all three girls home for the long weekend while The Grunter enjoyed an early birthday present in downtown Atlanta.

We have discussed it and realize he could have worse hobbies.


Even if we don’t share his fascination with this particular one and if you are confused by the pictures, you can read more about Dragon*Con here and book your tickets for next year’s convention.

We enjoyed lots of home cooking (yes, I still remember how – thank you very much), great music at a local Mexican restaurant and a movie.

Our long weekend culminated with the darling twins making time for a round of golf. Scary Baby accompanied our foursome and rode in the cart.

The weather was gorgeous. The first nine holes were fun for all of us. Especially me because I beat everyone. Not gloating, just telling it like it is. 😉

The back nine – well – we had pushed the fun envelope a little too far.

Scary Baby started falling apart because it was taking too long and she HAD TO GET BACK HOME because she was in charge of THE PARADE in our neighborhood that she had organized {insert whiny voice} days earlier. She swears it was approved by dad. I knew nothing about it.

On the 14th hole, I would have paid top dollar for someone to film Roger Leroy falling into a small ditch with a concrete wall that she thought she would just *hop* over. She tried to recover and fell in another hole.

I fell over in the cart laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

She collapsed for a third time because we were both laughing so hard.

This is the PT Frog of the Cycle cadet stud.

And I am refraining from mentioning that she fell down on hole #2 as she scampered down a tiny hill to grab an horrible errant shot.

She insists the grass was wet.

We gave up after the 14th hole. Roger Leroy was bleeding from scraping against the concrete wall in the ditch. Scary Baby was whining more.

She was LATE for her OWN PARADE!!!!

She had posted flyers and told EVERYONE.

Please Lord, not another neighborhood flyer.


Side note: Is spelling “Labour” a British version?

Answers to questions I’ll probably never know:

How can free be a “rip-off” and why were they trying to convince us they “are not cute”? This one was a doozie and PhilBillPaul and I are still baffled as to who said it was “cute” and why that was not a selling feature.


As you can see, the street was lined with people.


They pulled their wagon float with a bike.

Extension cords were strewn across the yard for the music. DJ services provided by a neighbor dad.

I’m not sure any singing or skits ever took place.

I did hear they threw candy to the crowd.

Ah, the simple pleasures of childhood…

The poor quality photos were taken by Dad.

While yes, I’m not too proud to admit it, I slept through the parade.

Golfing and laughing at Roger Leroy just wore me out!!

What did you do for Labor Day Weekend?


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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    We had both our girls at home as well. Went to the high school football game Friday night (those can be so much fun when the weather is right). and then headed down to lake Oconee on Saturday to visit with all of my family. Had a blast, even got Billy to play a game which he never does. No family game nights at our house, alas.
    Home in time for the girls to pack up their cars and head back off to school on Monday afternoon.

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    I would strongly consider vitamens and supplements, diet and exercise plans carefully if you want to survive until the 18th birthday of Scary Baby. She will be a blog in and of herself.

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      @Melinda–Sounds like you had a great weekend with your girls! Bonus for getting Billy to join in the game!! 🙂

      @julieann–You are so right and I should start a new health regime immediately if I want to live through this!!


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