Girlfriend in the Garage Part Two

In case any of you were thinking I am in control of anything at my house or I am the boss of anything…

I’m not.

As evidenced by these photos of my daughters meeting my husband’s girlfriend.


The girlfriend in the garage has moved to the driveway. That’s Roger Leroy with her arms wrapped tightly around her dad going for her first ride.


And then headed down the road. With Wizzy on the back.

Because I’m the boss of everything here.

But, he forgot one thing about me and my blog…

Turnabout is fair play.

Just wanted to share the details of PhilBillPaul’s first motorcycle injury.

It was on his birthday and I have refrained from discussing it here.

Until he took my daughters for a ride this weekend.

I figured it was time.

Plus my friend Ann dared me. I think there was a money bribe implied.

First, the back story on the injury…

It has been 20+ years since he has needed a helmet.

He has never worn a full face helmet and he took an opportunity to try on helmets while he was waiting on an oil change at Wal-Mart by himself.

He had no idea that the helmet would feel so claustrophobic and was too tight for his big head.

Now, cut to the first injury…pun intended and you’ll get it in just a minute.

When he came home he was bleeding and we all asked what happened.

He had no idea what we were talking about and came into the bathroom to discover that he had a good-sized cut across his nose.

We are pretty sure that Wal-Mart has videotape of a 50 year-old man in the helmet aisle thrashing around trying to get a helmet off.

It was a pretty deep gash and we’re also pretty sure he left a trail of blood…


I cannot deny that the kids and I got hysterical re-enacting what we pictured happened at Wal-Mart.

For the next two weeks it was an awkward injury to hide.

Especially when we were in public together. So I would just get it out of the way upfront and say, “Go ahead, tell people what happened to your nose.”

I’m sure you all will be happy to know that the cut healed and he is not sporting a nose scar.

Poor Phil…


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  1. 1
    julieann says:

    I noticed you redecorated the site. Bet it cost less than redecorating the living room! Have to say that I side with you on the motorcycle issue. When hubby and I first married 27 years ago I worked for a year in an orthopedist’s office in East Point, GA. During that year we had two patients(in separate incidents) come in who had lost a foot while riding their bikes. They put the foot down to stabilize themselves while turning a corner and had their foot ripped off by a curb. The pictures were gruesome and the men both agreed the fun hadn’t been worth the tragic result. Skip ahead by another 18 years to my neighborhood in Braselton, GA. A neighbor, approaching retirement age and cautious, was involved in an accident on his motorcycle. He became permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Instead of retiring and touring the country with his loving wife, she now spends her days loading him in and out of the van to go to therapy or Bogan pool. All the travel they had planned, the retirement they had hoped for, is gone. It’s not the risk of dying but the risk of living that you should consider when you make these choices. Okay, now that I’ve brought everyone down, someone please say something funny about PBP’s nose.

  2. 2
    Sherra says:

    julieann » Living in reality making good choices isn’t always FUN so I appreciate you sharing those stories in spite of their *darkness* – sometimes that’s what we need to hear.

    Meanwhile, please note that PBP is not wearing a full face helmet in the pics and he swears it was the packaging that cut his nose at Wal-Mart. Whatever.

    I think if you can’t wear a helmet without getting hurt you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. 3
    Tammy says:

    Kudos to Sherra for making Phil own up to others how he got his delightfully obvious laceration. Would anyone call that KARMA?!?!?! Or perhaps just the supreme justice of the universe?

    Even additional praise to the family for reenacting the scene as I am sure that was so hysterical you probably all needed some Depends!!!!

    You really should consider having your own reality show. I know I would watch. And FYI: I think the title should be “Poor Sherra”

  4. 4
    Sherra says:

    Tammy » PhilBillPaul is not happy that I outed his injury so I’m guessing the TV show idea will be met with very little enthusiasm. Thanks for the support though 😉

  5. 5
    Ann says:

    Great post!!! How much do I owe you?? LOL Thanks, julieann, for the reality stories…very informative about the neighbor’s wife. She should have been nominated in the Wife of the Year ‘contest.’

  6. 6
    Sherra says:

    Ann » Yeah, that neighbor’s wife would totally knock me out of the competition…and you can put the bribe on my tab. 😉


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