Frog Week and College 101

After their 4 day whirlwind homecoming they had to report into their school for FROG week which is what I affectionately refer to as the “legalized” hazing of the incoming cadets.

The formal name is Freshmen Recruit Orientation Group and they say this is experience will help them “complete the transition from civilian student to military cadetā€¦”

I found it mildly amusing that this article appeared in the Atlanta Journal on the day they left:

College 101 for parents

Here is the text I got from one of the unnamed twins on their first day.

“This sucks I hate it so far”

My response: šŸ™

Six days later, we drove up to the college for another ceremony. Let’s see now – that makes three from May to August. High school graduation, basic training graduation and now the FROG week ceremony.


We watched over 200 new cadets lap the drill field for their Sunday morning 3 mile run.


And get hosed off by the local fire truck.

We learned that Rachel Leigh had the highest PT score of all the female cadets.


We are looking into legally changing her name to Roger Leroy. Because we now call her “The Beast” and sometimes just say “You’re The Man.” Luckily, since she is now 18, we don’t think this is damaging her sexual identity. But I’m sure some would argue we are damaging her self-esteem.

Which would be so WRONG. She has NO self-esteem issues.


Congrats to the newest cadets of Charlie Companyā€¦

We spent the day with them enjoying a nice lunch and then helping them get their dorm room organized.


Which took about an hour since they have their black trunk, 2 boxes, 6 drawers and a desk.


They’re learning how to live in a simple, clutter-free environment which we think is just fine and dandy!

Our main goal was delivering and setting up the computer.


Thank goodness Scary Baby was there to test everything for them.

Lizzie was able to log on to Facebook after several frustrating minutes of banging on the keyboard and discovering the “R” key sticks.


Phew. All is well with the world.

Now, we just hope they stay and thrive this first semester. I don’t know the current statistic but I do know that many, many freshman college students come home both because they are homesick but more often, it seems, they don’t handle the independence so well – meaning the social aspects are fabulous but they forgot they were also suppose to study!

Social skills are Lizzie’s specialty as evidenced by the trip to the mall she organized as soon as they had free time.

Picture 1

Blurry picture compliments of PhilBillPaul’s cell phone.

Side note: Lizzieā€¦tell Meadows she looks tough.

So here are my big questions to all those moms who have college kidsā€¦

How excited were you when they left? Are you still crying? Do you feel like you prepared them well to live away from home? Are you enjoying quiet days at your house?

Leave a comment and let me know – I’m fascinated to hear about everyone’s experiences. I’m pretty sure you can guess how I’m feeling this week. šŸ˜‰


P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    well, if you were on fb already I wouldn’t have to write you here and tell you all. You would have already read it, seen it, etc…. Mine left one at a time which was a trifle easier I think. It was a little harder when we dropped the second one off. We thought in part due to the distance she is from home but she does have transpo home. Both girls have laptops with skype and cell phones of course so there’s been no end to communication like what you experienced. We actually just left the second one last Saturday so it hasn’t even been a week yet! I think both are going to do fine though, really. They are attending classes (even an 8 a.m. one which I admit I wasn’t always the best at in my years!).
    Should we bet on who drops out first? LOL Hopefully they ALL will be fine and so will we.
    I do enjoy the quiet and only cried a little when we dropped “M” off. No tears at all when “A” left but of course she’s close and has been home already a couple of times! Now their daddy’s a different story!
    Best of luck to your girls. Maybe I should add them as friends on FB..

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    I would strongly recommend picking up Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children.” You will need it. To spur you on I offer this quote from p.5—I thought that when your children are 18 they graduate from high school and go to college, and then that is pretty much it for the parenting responsibilities. They have their lives and you have yours, and they remember everything you taught them, and so they go on to find high paying jobs and get married and come to visit you a few times a year with the grandchildren. Voila! Parenting season is finished! Now you can do the things you have always dreamed of doing, but were too busy raising children to do. FORGET IT! None of that happens!…The influences on your adult child are now more sinister than you ever imagined they would be years ago when (s)he was born—and certainly far more omnious than when you yourself were graduating from high school—and you can’t stop thinking about all the frightening possibilities. And while there is more to be concerned about, you have less control over anything having to do with their lives than ever.

    Okay, that wasn’t meant to depress you, just to let you know that you aren’t alone and that there isn’t any one right way to feel about this whole transition thing. The best thing the twins have going for them is that they have each other as “accountability” partners, or snitches if need be. Most kids leave home and don’t take that with them and have to find someone to fill that role. Many don’t choose that person wisely and instead find someone who just confirms whatever strange weird thing they want to do. Dye your hair green? Cool! Skip all your Friday classes? Awesome! I’m with you all the way on that one! I can’t see RL or Wiz letting each other get by with too much of that stuff nor will the program allow it. You all are safer than most.

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      @Melinda–Sounds like you are doing great and adjusting well to your darling twins leaving for college. I’m actually doing fine too!! I just wondered how other people I know are doing. Sorry you had to write it twice – I just can’t do that FB thingā€¦sigh. šŸ˜‰

      @julieanne–That wasn’t depressing at all. It was very much the truth and praying that they make good decisions is probably the most powerful thing we can do. It will be interesting to see if they help each other instead of argue and frustrate each other. But you are right, our prayer is that they are in a good environment that won’t them get away with as much as usual in college!!!!!!!!

      @Karen–Thanks, she really is a beast!!

  3. 3
    Karen Emerson says:

    Congrats to RL!!!! Awesome job!!!!


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