Flexible Friday #43 Money Pants

I might need to re-vamp my whole blog schedule since I just had to search the archives only to discover I’m so flexible that I never even had a “Flexible Friday” in August.

I’m blaming it on the darling twins. Who will be home by the time you are reading this.

On to real life…

Scary Baby and I were sitting in the car as PhilBillPaul stood in line waiting his turn to use the ATM.

Which I personally think has led to the demise of this generation and future generations who believe you just “go to that machine and get more money” is how you get money. I can’t remember if it was The Grunter or Roger Leroy who told me that some years ago. I am old and forgetful.

Anyway, we went to that machine to get some more money and Scary Baby started snickering in the backseat.

Me: What’s so funny?

SB: That guy has money on his underwear…

Me: Excuse me?

SB: Look, you can see his underwear and it has money on it. And he’s getting money at the machine. {giggle}

Me: Why do you think he needs to get money if his pants are filled with money?

{more giggling}

SB: Take a picture – that would be a funny blog post.

Me: I don’t have my camera. It probably won’t turn out with my camera phone.

SB: Try it, then maybe you can blow it up.

I’m pretty sure she’ll have her own blog soon.


Since the picture from my camera phone quality is so bad I thought you might want to see a close up of the underwear.


We’re just guessing they looked like this. Thank goodness, we really did only see a glimpse.

We then watched PhilBillPaul let the man behind him go in front of him.

We wondered why.

We were still laughing when he got back in the car. We explained the money pants.

(I saved the inappropriate comment of Buttload of Money for here and now.)

PhilBillPaul then told us the lovely man walked up behind him & informed him:

“I was actually here first – before you.”

Meaning he pulled in before us? He was sitting in his car holding his place? Phil outran him to the sidewalk? (That so did not happen!)

Only PhilBillPaul would motion for him to go ahead of him when Money Pants was done. Because he is NICE LIKE THAT.

And he said he’s never in that big of a hurry.

(I can confirm the latter.)

I used this as a teachable moment so that Scary Baby would understand that in addition to having the NICEST DAD ON THE PLANET, we also live in a time and place where someone might hurt you if you “take their turn” or irritate them in public.

Which was really going to be Friday’s post topic but when she spotted the Buttload of Money moment, I had to let that go first!

Did this story make national news?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Man Slaps Stranger’s Crying Kid

Go ahead, click and read, then come back. I’ll wait.

I had to pause the TV to let PhilBillPaul see it when the local news aired the story.

As many of us can attest privately if not publicly that we have been disturbed by a child crying, screaming, squealing, whining or shrieking in public and wish their parents would remove them from the premises…

Whether it be restaurant, store, library, airplane etc., or my personal favorite… the movie theater.

And many of us can attest to the fact that at some point, the said child was OURS and we are THOSE parents.

(Except in my case – never the movie theater…thank you very much.)

I can only hope that my reader friends are those parents who do actually remove the child so as not to disturb others.

And remember those stressful moments and have mercy and grace on other parents.

As opposed to this grouchy, scary man in Georgia.

The two year old probably started crying when she saw him.

Frankly, I’m scared of him and I don’t scare too easily.

Remind me to tell you about my day in Wal-Mart hell with three toddlers oh so many years ago.

It’s a family favorite in our Humpfreeze story archive.

Until then, have a marvelous Labor Day weekend and click over to iLashGirls and enter to win one of our simply fabulous gifts because our one year anniversary giveaway goes through the weekend!


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  1. 1
    Peggy says:

    Wow! My co-workers had seen this on the news here but I had not seen it yet. He sure looks like a grumpy old man though. When my kids started melting down I would grab a snack off the shelf and open it for them. (Of course I payed for it when we finally checked out.) My husband hated that, or I would hand the kids a toy to play with, he hated that too. I didn’t really care though, at least the kids were quiet and entertained. I also would usually leave the kids (and husband) at home when going shopping…

    • 1.1
      Sherra says:

      @Peggy–I’m with you on not taking kids with you to shop which is what I did whenever possible! I think we’ve all used the food and toy tricks and any other trick we can to keep kids occupied while we get errands done. It’s definitely a mom thing!! 😉

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    Stores that have inexpensive, child-appealing items along their checkout aisles are very wise. Most Moms will drop up to $5 to keep a child content through that last leg of the grocery trip (I’m guilty as charged on that one). Of course I have to say that if it is still early in the trip and you have a bit more shopping to do and the preschooler gets whinny, I am all in favor of pushing your cart against a wall close to the exit and taking your child outside for a “Come to Jesus” meeting. That isn’t a PC idea these days, but I don’t see most PC ideas as having much longevity anyway. Or much sense.

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      @julieann–I’m all over removing them from the store and have done it when necessary. Ditto goes for restaurants. Though I must say, looking back, we took the three little ones out often and they were very well-behaved. My goal was fulfilled since they would behave in public and home is still the place they are allowed to *meltdown*