Here is my husband.

His name is Phillip. Most people call him Phil. But you can call him Bill. He’ll answer to it and not correct you because he’s like that. Nice, I mean. You can even call him Paul. Like someone did for over a year whenever he came into their shop. Because he’s like that. Nice and easygoing. Everyone likes PhilBillPaul.

After 28 years of marriage, I have lots of lessons to share about him. Stay tuned.

Code names have been assigned to protect the innocent children. Or guilty children. We can decide that later.

Here are my three boys.

My firstborn. He used to be known as The Pumpkin but that was a long time ago. His code name here will be The Grunter. That name will remain in effect until such time as he can talk in a normal voice and not grunt at all of us. That will be a banner day and I promise to announce when it happens. At that time, we will give him a new and improved code name.

I guess you figured out that the other two boys are dogs. 14 years of pet deprivation and I gave in because they wore me down. I should have held my ground. But as you can see, it’s too late. Way too late.

Sabu is on the right and Dudley is on the left.
No, their eyes aren’t really gold and don’t glow in the dark.

Miniature long-haired dachshunds…did I mention I have huge pet hair issues?

Here are my three girls.


Yes, I said girls. Roger Leroy and Wizzy are fraternal twins. Roger Leroy is a GIRL who thinks it’s funny to be called Roger Leroy instead of her real name because she asked us what we would have named her if she had been a boy. I was just kidding when I used her initials and said Roger Leroy. Because seriously – I wouldn’t name a baby Roger. No offense to any Rogers out there.

Then again I wouldn’t name a kid Wizzy.

I certainly wouldn’t name a kid Scary Baby.

As you can see from the picture, Roger Leroy had her hair cut short. Wizzy used to get upset when people asked her about her little brother. She is sensitive like that. Roger Leroy would remain quiet and just smile. A wry little sense of humor was in development at an early age.

The picture is about thirteen years old. Scary Baby is sixteen. The darling twins are twenty-four. Oh, the lessons I have to share about Scary Baby…

This picture serves two purposes. One is to introduce you to my girls and their code names so their friends won’t laugh at them if their mothers stumble upon this site.

The second purpose is to show what a great example we were to put nicknames (not really code names) on their uniforms when they were younger so no creepy people would stalk them. That is a (no joking) serious safety tip if your kids play sports, if you are paranoid about creepy people or both. I was and I still am.