Dysfunctional Sisters

I talked to my sister last night on the phone for two hours.

I called her because she left a comment here.

Double big deal because she just recently got a computer.

And she brings the family member readership count to THREE.

Well, not including PhilBillPaul’s mom who calls him often to comment verbally and tells him to tell me that the soldier post made her cry and to stop it.

Thanks for reading Granny – did he get that right?

My mom reads randomly because it is a big day for her when she actually powers up her computer and signs on. She likes to read the comments more than what I write.

Sure, okay. Whatever, mom.

Anyway, I don’t talk much about the family I grew up with. Mostly because I have enough material about the one I’m living with now.

But also because I try to respect their privacy and know if I don’t, they could start a blog and start writing bad stories about me.

My sister Julie and I were not particularly fond of each other growing up. Just “normal” dysfunction that we have overcome as we have matured. Sort of. Well, probably her living in Illinois and me living in Georgia helps. We talk about once a year or so.

We do get along now and have scary stories to share since we both have teenage daughters. Julie was smart enough to have one child so she does see the light at the end of the tunnel.

An only child can be a good decision. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

We laughed a lot last night and we were actually talking about some funny old pictures we both remembered.

I’m pretty sure she gave me permission to post these pictures. You did, didn’t you?


As you can see, I was cooperating while Julie and Tod were being total gooners.


Do you know anyone who has a bigger forehead than I do? (It houses my giant brain but bangs would have been a better look, I think.)

Incidentally, I’m sure my brother is fine with me posting these pictures even though I didn’t get his permission. Then again, I don’t think he’s reading so he’ll never know as long as we all keep it quiet here…

Have a great weekend. Call your family.


P.S. Leave a comment and guess what year the pictures were taken by zeroing in on our stylish outfits and hair. Maybe I’ll give the first person who gets it right a prize!!! (Cousins are ineligible to guess.)

Then again, you might just get the Wiener Award. I’m not making any promises.

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  1. 1
    Diane says:

    Nice photos!
    I too have a large forehead but thankfully was graced with a lot of hair to cover it- I still wear a form of bangs to this day.

    My guess is 1974ish.

    Calling my sister NOW…have a good weekend.

  2. 2
    Wendy says:

    Funny you should do a blog about sisters, today is my sis’ birthday. I actually bought her a card this year but really don’t like her enough to send it. It’s hard to find a birthday card that says, Ha, ha! You’re still older than me, and always will be!!! I’m sure she’s having a lovely day even without my card!

  3. 3
    Tammy says:

    I do not have a sister by birth – only by choice – which, personally, I think is SOOOOOOOOOO much better. First of all, they don’t live with you and, second of all, there is no mother guilt imposed when you don’t tow the line. My sister by choice has been my best friend for 30 years (Diane, who posted above!) and she is the sister of my heart. I would do more for her than I would probably do if I had a real sister and I am sure that I like her much better!

    Anyway, as far as the year goes, I am guessing 1973. And, by the way, the forehead is awesome but you might want to upgrade it to a five head!

    Keep the stories coming! I sure love them!

  4. 4
    Sherra says:

    Diane–Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of hair and have even less now. LOL. Thanks for being first to guess year but you’re not the winner (neither is Tammy).

    Wendy–Sometimes the sister thing doesn’t work out as well for some people. For others it is the closest bond they have. There is a reason that we get to pick our friends…either way we women do need each other!

    Tammy–I actually have two sisters – Julie is OLDER and I have a younger sister too. While we have plenty of dysfunction, I do love them both dearly. But I also totally get your bond with Diane and obviously adore the bond I have with the friends of my heart!

  5. 5
    Melinda says:

    Hmmm….. I’m wondering if it is really worth the effort to guess the year since I know you seriously give out prizes. I’m all about prizes. Not that I’m particularly good at winning them or anything, lol!

    Anyway, I love this post as well. I do have a birth sister. She’s younger and we talk almost every day anyway. She actually went on spring break with me with her kids. For a few days anyway. Can’t remember if I’ve told her about your blog. I’ll send her the link today.

    I have LOTS of friend/sisters of which I consider you one. If I could just remember when that BBB was I could probably give the year the picture was made a pretty good guess. I know you’re younger than me. Just can’t remember for the life of me by how much and I can’t find that little memory book you made for me at the moment. ( I have to confess – I did go look)

    The competitive side of me just can’t let it go without the guess (even though I KNOW I will find that book and can probably just come back with the correct guess) I’ll go with 1972 but I have to say I think your comments about guessing from your hair and wardrobe doesn’t really work unless it’s from someone who grew up in the same state as you. Coming from a sweet southern girl who doesn’t have any pictures that look like those.

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    NICE !!!!!!!!!! I really love the outfits, and I showed Dirk (the hubby), but I had to give him the “back story” of the one on the couch!! Funny, although I was mad, as is obvious in the photo. Now Ali just woke up and she’s cracking up at the pictures, she said that Tod looks just like all of his kids, but I hope she does realize that she looks JUST LIKE HER MOM!!! I’m trying to find “Period Shoe” to show her but I can’t. I am so “computer stupid.” Anyway, very funny, and loved seeing those pictures. Awwhhh, memories!!

  7. 7
    B.H.P says:

    I’m a women of few words……I’m guessing 1969

  8. 8
    Sherra says:

    Melinda–That would be cheating if you found the Birthday Beach Bash (BBB) book. 🙂

    Julie–PhilBillPaul said that it was scary how much Roger Leroy looks like me. Guess we’ve all created some “mini me” versions of ourselves…

    B.H.P.–NOPE! Nobody’s right yet so people can keep guessing. LOL!

  9. 9
    Sally says:

    Okay, okay, I am officially no longer a “lurker”. Just know that is where my comfort zone is. Since you are my cousin I feel a bit like I have inside “info” (I am pretty sure I know where the picture was taken and when you lived there) I would say 1970. Simply because I would guess your age to be five or six and you are now ##. (edited by Sherra)

    I did want to ask though was Tod needing to use the bathroom in the 2nd photo? Just a guess. Thanks to all who have posted prayers for those in Iraq. It truly means so much. After having sent hubby to Kuwait in 1991 (while pregnant with child #4) I truly thought that was the worst thing I was going to go thru. Have recently found out that was a walk in the park. However, I, like many of you, have been blessed with the most supportive sisters anyone could ever have and they anticipate (and meet) my every need, almost before I do. Angels, both of them. Keep up the good work, Sherra. I told you sometimes reading your blog is the only laugh I have in my day. And no, no more homemeade yeast rolls. Since the Health Nut (we call her Hitler behind her back) moved back in we now do Whole wheat flour Rolls with “substitute” (bland) everything in them and they look and taste similar to hockey pucks. Hope you are happy.

  10. 10
    Sherra says:

    Sally » HEY I said cousins are ineligible to guess!!! Then you go and tell my exact age. And you’re not right either. LOL!

    I’ll ask Tod about the bathroom if I talk to him this year. So far, just phone messages.

    Define happy…


  11. 11
    Melinda says:

    Can I guess 1971 since no one has guessed that yet? I agree with your cousin that you’re about six and I’m thinking you’re the same age as my DH. Still haven’t found that BBB so this is purely a guess. Don’t know what I did with it. I know I had it when I went on my scrapbook weekend….

    Can you tell this is driving me crazy? I hate riddles. Always have to have help. Just send me the correct answer please in an e-mail so I can get some sleep.

    Love the pictures of the wiener dogs. Did I tell you we had one growing up? It was a longhair also. Ours had puppies so we sold/gave the puppies to neighbors and grandparents and had a whole neighborhood full of weiner dogs! Our’s name was Sissy (cause we had a Boston Terrier named Prissy before!) Don’t ask me why. Guess we liked “issy” names?

  12. 12
    Tammy says:

    Here goes a second guess at the photo date…I will say the year of my birth, 1969…I figured everyone had guessed in the early 70’s so I thought perhaps you just looked mature for your age and we were overshooting…hmmm, I sure would like a wiener…

  13. 13
    Sherra says:

    Melinda » What was I thinking letting you people guess twice? Ahh, still not right though 🙂

  14. 14
    Sherra says:

    Tammy » Okay, two guess limit should apply now – still not right so no wiener for you 🙂

  15. 15
    Tod (the brother) says:

    Though I am told I can’t win any prize. My guess is 19##. ( no baby sister in the photo) Definitely Meadowlark Drive in Indy. You can tell by the fence it was in the back yard on the patio. It was near where we buried our pet turtle, that I later dug up and learned what maggots were.

  16. 16
    Sherra says:

    Tod (the brother) » What is with you cousins and siblings??? You are not allowed to guess!!! But if you were eligible to guess, you’re a WIENER WINNER! Julie shuddered at the memory of the mirror in the background and what trouble you caused smearing it — not that we’re holding any grudges… I fully remember digging up the turtle with you so thanks for the maggot memories 🙂

  17. 17
    Ann says:

    My guess is 1968. It’s a rare treat when Sherra actually shows off ALL of her forehead! Toni and I have been well versed in how to cover it in case she’s not capable of covering it herself. LOL Your mom must not have known the trick back in the day!!

  18. 18
    Sherra says:

    Ann–Not because of the forehead comment but because my mom and I had to have a *healthy* debate about which year it was, I have been delayed in announcing that you are THE WIENER!!!!!!!!!!! I mean WINNER!!!! I had to get photographic evidence out and then describe the pictures to Hannah since I have all the family pictures. I had bangs in ’67 which were obviously sorely missed in ’68.

    There was no cheating involved here – Ann said she thinks it is the first time she has seen pictures of me when I was a wee little girl. 🙂

    Side note to mom: Relax. They can’t steal your identity just because I typed your first name here.


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