DWTS Questions

First, my top three favs for this week in no particular order…

Photos from ABC

Last night’s show left me with bunches of questions:

What’s with all the sequined panties?

I much prefer a full costume to the underwear and bikinis we keep seeing.

I’m gathering signatures for a memo to ABC. Who is with me on this?

Here’s the rough draft:

It’s family hour and we could all do with less crotch shots and boobage (why yes, I’m sure that’s a word). Thank you very much.

Before last night, did you know there was a platinum violin duo?

I didn’t. Was hoping they would bust out “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Was it just me or did that ballerina have some serious man legs?

No disrespect and know she earned those muscles.Did we need to see Nicole crying because she was disappointed in herself after getting 2nd highest scores?

I say no. Save your despair for when the camera is off.

What was that “Glambo” thing with Tony?

Don’t do that anymore. Please.

How does Jake trip multiple times and get to stay?

Vienna Sausage obviously has a huge fan base calling in for him. Poor Chelsie.

Does anyone else think since Dirty Girl is staying, she should add a pole to her dances?

Yes, she did look more graceful and I was glad she was more covered up but still.

Was anyone else irritated that Len wanted to see less of Edyta and more of DG (Dirty Girl)?

I would have liked to seen more of Aiden and never see Kate again.

Speaking of Aiden, wasn’t he a class act from start to finish?

He got choked up at the end and I wish he could have stayed longer.

And the final question…


Please tell them to stop. I think TLC is paying people to call in for her.

Please weigh in. Answer any of the questions above. Comment with your observations. This is important conversation. 😉


Standard Disclaimer: These are just my personal opinions and I’m sure I’d be friends in real life with each and every “star”, “was a star” and/or “never was a star”. Or not.

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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says:

    Okay I have to admit I watched the results show intermittently….they can really drag it out can’t they?
    Len has a thing for DG…which I want to say ewwww!
    I could not believe Kate is still on….must be some group who is bent on keeping her on to torture all of us.
    My other thought is all the dancers/contestants got a course in what makes “good TV” ie…conflict, tears, fights etc..
    How come we can’t vote no to some instead of yes.
    I’m just waiting for the costume “accident” …thats level 2 of “good TV”
    Hope the “blur” guy is paying attention when it happens!

  2. 2
    granny says:

    I’d like to see more of Maks.

  3. 3
    Karen says:

    People have been talking about the costumes for years–didn’t bother me until recently. Good to see Kym back–but in that? Edyta has always been over the top and she went out with a costume that I was amazed stayed on. Obviously this show has a high percentage of women voters. I have no idea what women are thinking sending “easy on the eyes” Aiden home and keeping Kate and Pamela!! He left with class and I will miss him! Did I call this? Kate is going to make another improvement this week under the guidance of Saint Tony and will be here for a few more.

  4. 4
    Nancy says:

    It is painful to watch Kate. I am so embarassed for her. Goodness, I think I would have walked a long time ago myself. After all, they get paid even if they only make it one week!
    Maks is my pick…for personal reasons. Forget the rest!

    • 4.1
      Sherra says:

      @Jenn–I really do think it would be more fun if we could vote people OFF!!!

      @Karen–Saint Tony is right – I hope he gets hazard pay for having to put up with her. I’m so sick of her whining and it doesn’t matter what question they ask her, she always answers with how stressful her life is. Did you feel better about that performance? I’m chased by the papparazzi every single day blah blah blah. She’s ICKY.

      @Granny & Nancy–Just want to clarify you are suppose to vote for the *star* not the professional dancer…but I’m with you both…Maks gets all my votes!!! 😉

  5. 5
    julieann says:

    If you consider “South Park” a real t.v. show then “boobage” is a word. They have an episode with that word in its title. Not promoting the show in any way, shape , or form, though they would probably like DG, too. Sick.


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