DIY Kitchen Renovations ~ Glass Tile Backsplash

Way back in May, we bought glass tiles for a backsplash to use as our inspiration for our kitchen renovation.

We propped one up on the small counter behind the blender as we started making our plans.

Seems like I always like to start off with one blurry photo. Ahem. Better pictures to follow.

I’ve always loved the look of the small glass tiles and knew that a backsplash would add some depth and personality to the kitchen.

Tiles we used were from Home Depot called Desert Sunset. They come in 12 x 12 squares with a flexible mesh backing.

Adhesive kit to hang tiles was very, very helpful!

I let PhilBillPaul handle this part.

Learning what a crooked job your builder did is not fun. We’ve known that since we built the house. But this project brought up those bad memories of a builder who cut corners. And cut them crooked.

Cabinets are not level. Wall is not level. Drives PhilBillPaul crazy. I, surprisingly, let it go 20 years ago. Even though it now has created some challenges hanging a perfectly spaced grid of glass tiles.

I talked him down and we made some interesting adjustments and I convinced him it was a giant improvement and we moved on. Luckily I got over my need for perfection about the same time the darling twins were born.

The fun part was sticking the tiles to the adhesive. Cutting them to fit was like putting together a puzzle.

Final step of grouting was not fun. I let PhilBillPaul handle that part too. We used what the Home Depot clerk told us to buy. It was a non-sanded grout and we chose bone as the color.

Wiping with cheesecloth once the grout dried made them shiny again.

Love. Love. Love.

It’s now my favorite part of the kitchen.

We’re not going with the open cabinet look. We are working on the doors right now.

Cabinet update coming Monday.

If we don’t kill each other over the weekend.


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  1. 1
    Ann says:


  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    looking better and better. You’ve got me hooked. I’ll be waiting to see the cabinet pictures. Hopefully your hand will quit shaking. maybe ask Scary Baby if she can take pix?

  3. 3

    Love the tile! You’ve been busy!!

  4. 4
    ~julie says:

    I’m doing the same type of mosaic tile in my kitchen—a mix of glass and stone. $10.98 per tile times 29 foot square tiles. I’m not as brave as the two of you and am hiring the guy who built my tile shower from scratch to do the hanging and grouting ($300 but worth it as my marriage would not survive the stress of anything greater than painting a room or hanging pictures). Yours looks terrific!

    • 4.1
      Sherra says:

      Mercy, our tile was $4.99 per square foot tile and we only needed 14. Paying that guy will be worth every penny! Hope you’ll send me pictures!

      • ~julie says:

        Like your price much better! Think I saw your tile at the big home improvement store that isn’t orange or Atlanta-based. He’s also doing a cork board wall for me above the built-in desk in the kitchen. You never run out of projects—just the money to fund them!

  5. 5
    HudsonHero says:

    They’re talking about you here:

    Great job!

  6. 6

    Very nice. Looks professionally done!


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