Disaster Preparedness At Our House

Storms and tornado warnings throughout Georgia sent us to our basement on Friday.

Several times.

My short list of what to grab when you don’t have much time:

Flashlights, prescriptions, cash, cell phone, camera and my laptop.

PhilBillPaul grabbed candles, matches and water bottles.

Scary Baby grabbed 2 stuffed animals, her favorite boots and moisturizing lotion.

I didn’t ask. Nor did I know this until I unpacked the bag the next day.

The Grunter “was forced” to move to the basement in January so he did nothing. (Story for another day.) Except become irritated when we invaded “his” space.

Once we gathered together for our safety, Scary Baby and The Grunter were ready.

Disclaimer: I did suggest the motorcycle helmets since we don’t have 4 bicycle helmets. I will concede the girlfriends motorcycles in the garage have come in handy for ONE thing. I have some legitimate fears about head injury. Go figure.

Thankfully, our area suffered no damage. Other areas were devastated by this latest round of tornadoes. I hope you and your family are all safe.

In other disaster-related news, my websites were down for over a week. Apologies if you got the scary red screen from Google. Can we all agree that hacking as a hobby is one of the most senseless, useless and annoying hobbies to date?

All is well again. How are things with you?


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  1. 1
    Peggy says:

    My parents were traveling from Gulf Shores to southern Illinois on Friday. They had stopped Thursday night in Athens, AL and planned on coming the rest of the way Friday. Since the forecast was so bad, I told them to just hunker down there and drive in on Saturday. A tornado hit 2 miles from their hotel!!! They are fine and arrived safely on Saturday, but I’m so glad I told them to stay there. 🙂 I guess it was better that they were there instead of out on the highway somewhere though. We live just 30 miles from Harrisburg, IL, the town that was hit on Wed. of last week, they lost six people on that day. But, we are fine here- glad you guys made it through another round safely too!

  2. 2
    ~julie says:

    We had storms in NC, too. One front moved east from TN and the GA front came north—there was a fear that both would hit at once in a “perfect storm” sort of scenario. Didn’t happen but northeastern Charlotte was hit by a small tornado and 132 homes were damaged or destroyed—no fatalities. Was very glad I had my trusty midwestern weather radio set to “alert” so that I could be awakened each time the storm entered another county. Glad all were safe in the Humfreeze household.

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      Darling twin Wizzy is our weather radio. The weather both fascinates and terrifies her. She watched and sent texts frequently. Until they had to take cover in Dahlonega. Glad you all suffered no damage. I do know how fortunate we all are when there was so much damage for so many others.

  3. 3
    Jenn Ross says:

    When I was growing up we lived in Illinois just outside of Chicago and spent many a night in the basement for tornado warnings ( we didn’t have helmets bike or motorcycle!) When my Dad was transferred to Virginia NONE of us wanted to move. In a last ditch effort to make it better my Mom said, “Just think, no more nights in the basement for tornados” Several years later after we moved, a tornado came through in Virginia on April Fools Day. Fortunately it was a Sunday as two wings of the high school were destroyed. We never had time to get in the basement but it missed the house. Had it been a week day I would have been in one of those wings of the high school. My mother never lived her comment down. We still remind her. Glad you all are safe. Loved the helmets! Hate hackers…what a lazy hobby. Sorry to hear that happened.
    We missed the tornadoes but we did get a hurricane AND earthquake last year!
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Why Facebook is alot like riding in your car.

    • 3.1
      Sherra says:

      I swear we have been in the basement here in Georgia way more than we were growing up in the Midwest. But there’s no way your parents could have ever known that you would have a tornado in Virginia. What are the odds of that? Oh wait, what are the odds of that hurricane and earthquake? This is crazy weather time!

  4. 4
    Melodi says:

    OMG – just laughed out loud at the helmets. I was at my grandma Schatze’s house during the Belvidere tornado when I was a child and she put me in the basement in a laundry basket, wrapped in a blanket with a hard hat on! Everyone wonders why I am so afraid of storms now? She scared me half to death! 🙂