Dessert Bliss Part Two

Love the Longhorn Dessert Sampler I told you about yesterday.

You might be asking,

“How could it get any better than a little chocolate, a little fruit with pastry and a little cheesecake?”

Three words.

Mini Dessert Trio

Less guilt is what the “mini” implies.

But it really moves into a new category of B-L-I-S-S if you can choose your mini combination.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered this very mini dessert trio of my dreams when I was out of town last week.

Yes, I lifted asked if I could have another dessert card to take home and scan.

We picked the seasonal pineapple-upside-down cake because I never see that as a dessert choice.

I told the waitress that I had finally found my dessert bliss.

I also told her that the Bourbon Pecan Cupcake was NOT mini.

But it was soooo good, we went on my last day in town for one more cupcake.

Tony Roma’s wins!

I’m sure they will be thrilled to know of their victory in my personal, unpublicized, dessert bliss contest.

The only bummer is that I’ll have to fly or road trip to a Tony Roma’s to get a mini dessert trio.

There are no Tony Roma’s in Georgia. 🙁

Let’s be real – it’s probably best for me to not have one near me.

Tell me your favorite restaurant dessert…in case I’m still allowed to eat sugar after this week.


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  1. 1
    Kerri says:

    Where did you go that pineapple is considered ‘seasonal’???

    And please tell me more about the Rasberry Brownie Royale…I’m drooling!! I want to live vicariously thru your “Dessert Storm”. All of the pleasure, none of the pounds!

    Good to have you back on the blogosphere (is that a word? I think I read it somewhere….)

  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    yep, probably a good thing there are no Tony Roma’s in GA.
    Of course you can still eat sugar, just in moderation..
    and I’ll second Kerri’s “welcome back”

  3. 3
    ~julie says:

    I think Tony Roma’s is one of the chains closing or filing bankruptcy. 🙁

  4. 4
    Melodi says:

    My favorite is the Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Changs – and it only has 2,240 calories! It is really truly death by chocolate! Where were you at Tony Roma’s? I think I ate there in Dallas many years ago!