Crazy Things I’ve Been Busy Doing

Neglecting my blog.

Stating the obvious. One of my favorite past times.

Saying goodbye to the blue bug.

Helping one darling twin buy her first new car.

Watching one darling twin play rugby at North Georgia.

Why does she always have to be the one trying to get the ball?

We still hate intensely dislike this sport game blood bath.

Celebrating the pumpkin’s 23rd birthday.

All he wanted was this pitiful fruit cookie pizza. No fruit, just sweetened cream cheese on top of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Weird, I know. Also, very easy.

Watching two darling twins play rugby at Georgia Tech.

Watching one darling twin get hurt.

Not taking pictures of her being carried off the field.

Taking a picture of their friend Jenna getting hurt. That makes 4 players down in one game.

Worrying about the darling twins and their bad decisions regarding rugby.

Waiting for MRI results from knee injury from horrible rugby game.

Taking one darling twin to the doctor for an echo cardiogram for a newly discovered heart murmur.

Probably caused by playing rugby.

Taking pictures of said darling twin during the test after she hissed “no” when I asked if I could take pictures.

Dining with same darling daughter later that evening.

Two dinners with 5 of us in one week is a new record. We missed you Wizzy.

Listening to Scary Baby say…

“When are you going to blog about our trip this summer?”

Nothing like a little blog pressure from your 13 year-old.

Dealing with middle school issues that we are too old and tired to be dealing with.

Parenting when we are too old and tired to be parenting.

Yes, we know we brought this all on ourselves.

No need to state the obvious to me. 😉

Supervising the setup of a garage sale that Scary Baby begged to have all summer.

Not being present at any time during said garage sale.

Enjoying our gorgeous weather.

Playing golf with PhilBillPaul on my birthday this past Saturday.

Unplugging from the internet and all email for the whole weekend.

Planning a vacation trip with PhilBillPaul for our pending 25th anniversary in two weeks.

I had big plans to plan the trip much earlier in the year. Um, yeah…that didn’t happen.

At this point, we may end up in a tent at a state park. Not knocking those of you who love camping but that is soooo not my love language.

Trying to continue documenting our life in the Humpfreeze family before I die of stress from worrying about my 3 twenties and 1 teen.

Stressing that I am not blogging our stories so they will all know how much I love them.

Endless circle I know – love, worry, stress, love.

Writing many blog posts. In my head.

I really do miss blogging and hope to be back here soon.

What have you been doing?


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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says:

    oh how I have missed your blog posts and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I now realize how dependent I have become on facebook to remind me of
    As much as I have missed your posts let me reassure you that you have been right where you were suppose to be..with your family. 🙂
    We never regret being there for them!
    My days are filled much the same except I am the middle of the sandwich between my parents ( doing fabulous at 86), my adult children, and dividing my time between the six grandkids ( 4 play soccer) It IS a good busy!
    I do hope though you are not camping for your anniversary..I feel the same way about sleeping in a tent..mostly I hate peeing in the woods…LOL
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Communication at it’s life as a sitcom, baby boomer edition.

  2. 2
    Melinda F says:

    Whoops, sorry, I even got a reminder and still forgot to wish you a happy birthday! So happy belated birthday. Glad you got to spend it unplugged. I probably missed it because I was tired from going to too many football games. Football is MY life right now. We have JV games on Thursday nights, followed by varsity games (that he has to dress out and be at but doesn’t play in) on Friday nights. I know lots of folks LOVE Friday Night Lights but I am not one of them. Have also been traveling some ( on the bike and in the car). LOVE that part as you may know. Planning another bike trip to PCB in mid-October followed by surgery. My girls are playing flag football which I have not seen yet. Guess I need to make a trip down south to watch.. Really hope you don’t spend your anniversary in a tent. I somehow very much doubt that you will.


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