Crazy March

I’d like to blame the current heatwave on my blogging break. Who can think clearly when it’s 80 degrees in March?

Have you ever turned your air conditioner on in March? I don’t think we ever have.

But we did turn it on this weekend. Crazy but I don’t like to sweat when I’m inside my house.

Fresh air is really nice except the Georgia pollen is turning everything yellow.

The heat, the pollen, the never-ending projects. March is feeling a little crazy at the Humpfreeze house.

March Madness Delirium

PhilBillPaul reminded me no one is allowed to use that trademarked phrase. Delirium seemed more appropriate than hysteria but neither have the same ring to it.

He’s been pretty excited to watch Indiana win this season. Saturday night’s game was no exception and Roger Leroy was home to watch the game with him.

Saturday at Ikea

I could also blame my March hysteria on spontaneously deciding that PhilBillPaul and I should go to Ikea.

On a Saturday.

The older I get, the less I like crowds.

I thought I could handle it. Especially if we ate at The Silver Skillet first.

Such a cool, authentic old diner.

Delicious breakfast with to-die-for biscuits.

I was fueled and ready for Ikea which is right around the corner.

Or not.

I may have experienced an actual, legitimate anxiety attack as we tried to find our way out of the maze that is Ikea.

A few too many people, a few too many foreign languages, a few too many pieces of furniture to look at.

Not sure the $10 table was worth the stress.

I did recover sufficiently to visit a few more stores. We’re on the search for some inexpensive furniture for another DIY house project that I’ll document here soon.

I took this picture with my cell phone and sent it to The Grunter…

…asking him which monkey he wanted because they were 50% off.

Do people really put this in their house?

Leave a comment and tell me if you have a monkey with a plunger as a hat picking his nose toilet paper holder. I’m fascinated by this purchase decision.

This weekend, two of the darling daughters were with us Friday night so we checked out some futons.

We had to twist Scary Baby’s arm to get her to try out a floor display.

Finally she did.

Maybe she was not very willing because it wasn’t exactly on the floor.

When in Walmart, act like the people of Walmart.

Roger Leroy fit right in.

I think she looks like a giant only because the futon was on a shelf which wasn’t really an accurate scale of a room. We plan to put the futon on the floor so I needed them to test it because I didn’t want to buy another toddler futon.

Obviously we all fit in since their Dad hoisted them up to the 2nd shelf to sit on a futon.

And their mom took pictures.

Yay-hoos. That’s us.

And I can’t wait to show you what I did with this weird stuff.

Because you know how crafty I am. 😉

DIY room makeover coming soon…

Meanwhile, how’s the crazy weather where you live?


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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says: the monkey but I WILL not show it to my husband. He would think it would add character to the house or the half bath, seriously. I do love the photo of it but that’s about as close as I want to get to it.
    Scary Baby looks like she is planking in What is it about Walmart. I really hate shopping there but they always have what I am looking for at a cheap price. My latest find? A zippered binder for my future coupon intentions. The price on the shelf was $12 which was the cheapest I had seen but it rang up at $4 woohoo!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with anything marked “Martha Stewart” I sort of break out in hives when I see her name. Its throws me into sensory overload not to mention how much she would love to redo EVERTHING in my house. Missed your blog!

  2. 2
    Jenn Ross says:

    P.S. Agree about Ikea. We always headed for the scratch and dent area. FYI if someone buys something from Ikea, unboxes it and STILL can’t fit it in their car and returns it , then IKEA cannot sell it as new and must put it in scratch and dent. Got some pretty cool stuff there CHEAP.
    Jenn Ross recently posted..My life as a sitcom part 2!

  3. 3
    Melodi says:

    Well, I think it is much more unusual to have 80 degree + days for 6 days in a row in Illinois than it is in Georgia! It is HOT here! What happened to my beautiful 65 degree days? The pollen is driving me crazy here as well! I could not pay my husband to go to IKEA on a Saturday – mob scene!

  4. 4
    ~julie says:

    I always feel like a lab rat in a maze at Ikea. I haven’t seen any monkey/plunger combos in NC. What I have seen plenty of are wooden scottie dogs bent in position to leave something in the neighbor’s yard with the word NO! written in red across the dog. Big sellers in our local hardware store.

  5. 5
    Jessica says:

    What store did you see these monkeys at, if you don’t mind me asking?

  6. 6
    Jessica says:

    Darn, no online shopping there! I’ve never heard of this store. I sure hope online shopping becomes available in the future! I’ve been looking for one of those monkeys but don’t want to pay $100+ for one 🙁