Valentine’s Day ~ Easy Gift Ideas

We headed up to North Georgia to visit the darling twins last week.

Because we hadn’t seen them in at least seven days.

We said we would take them to dinner.

So Elizabeth Rachel both of them invited most of the team to join us.

I lovingly announced we were not buying dinner for the whole team.

After a 45 minute wait for burgers and sandwiches, we all headed over to the gym.

We really came to watch intramural basketball and this was the Fighting Red Hens second game.

We specifically asked if they would be embarrassed to have their parents in attendance knowing full well that this was a collegiate activity that parents don’t typically attend.

They assured us that they would love for us to come as would their friends.

As we got settled in the bleachers, Rachel quickly pointed out there were other old people there. Yes, that’s right two other sets of parents came to embarrass their children.

The Red Hens won! The opposing team, The Tribe, displayed some pretty poor sportsmanship. Geez, who knew intramurals was so competitive these days?

Elizabeth is coaching instead of playing…much to her dismay. She still has a back injury and has not been able to do any physical activity for almost a month.

We had so much fun I think we’re going back this week. 😉

Early Valentine’s Day Gifts

At the last minute before we left home, I realized we wouldn’t see them for Valentine’s Day and I had a couple of little things to give them.

I dug around for some little clearance boxes I knew I had put somewhere. I grabbed two pieces of tissue paper in a drawer I hide things from Scary Baby. There were two pink gift bags folded neatly there. I threw them in a bag too so I could put my thoughtful gifts together in the car on the way.

Yes, I’m a planner.

As PhilBillPaul was driving, I discovered the cute little boxes were not going to hold my gifts. I had to re-use the gift bags that I obviously saved to re-use. How perfect that they were pink.

I wish I had video of the priceless moment when I presented Rachel with her pink striped gift bag. Elizabeth had opened hers earlier so she just posed for the picture.

Rachel looked less than thrilled when she saw Victoria’s Secret on the bag.

I said:

“You can open it now.”

“It’s a thong.”

She said:


“No thanks.”

Elizabeth and I laughed pretty hard.

I said:

“It’s not a thong.”

“Like I’d really buy you a thong for Valentine’s Day or any day?”

It was a t-shirt and candy.

Give me a little credit.

On Friday, I sent Rachel a text:

“R u wearing ur new thong today?”

Her reply:

“I am wearing it now it’s nice and snug.”


“Glad it fit!”

The Grunter and Scary Baby did not get thongs.

Just a cute box filled with Hershey’s kisses that fit nicely in the little boxes.

And a free doughnut.

We’re all about chocolate and sugar.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Birthday Martha!

What are you giving or getting for Valentine’s Day?


Fighting Red Hens

Look who came home…

…to show us their new team logo.

Roger Leroy found the great picture of the hen and replaced a loaf of bread with a basketball.

Such creativity and not even an art major.

The girls are playing a little intramural basketball up at school.

Side note: Jenna wants you to know she won’t be wearing a collared shirt when she plays – she happened to be in uniform.

Scary Baby is following in their footsteps.

She’s playing basketball at church.

Wizzy is coaching her team and we had to squeeze in our first 6th grade orchestra concert before the game.

What a sweet sister to come back and forth from school to coach her little sister and attend her orchestra concert.

Fun times at the Humpfreeze continue.

While we’re still sick…


We Survived Ice Week 2011!

We made it!

The ice and snow fun is almost all gone.

We ventured out of the house on Friday after FIVE school snow days in a row. For those who are math-challenged like me, that was the whole week.

Scary Baby loved it!

PhilBillPaul got really sick in the middle of the week.

The Grunter lived through one full week with no fast food.

We had to cook dinner every night.

We like our pizza crust really thin so the crust from a can might look odd.

I took this opportunity to teach The Grunter how to assemble his own pizza. Big step for him.

Look at that enthusiasm. Yes, we live with that every day.

Who cares what it’s shaped like? (His looked like a turtle.) Add my homemade sauce, sausage, and lots of cheese and we don’t care what shape it is.

Scary Baby and Cloret liked theirs just fine.

Look Who Came Home

On Friday evening the college kids traveled down the mountain and came home. After they went bowling (note: activity #1).

To visit their dogs.

Thank you RL for permission to post this pretty picture.

They only brought five extra people with them for their first night home.

I was too late for photos in The Lounge that night as the guests had put on their pajamas.

I went downstairs and assembled a breakfast casserole, cheesy potatoes and double chocolate muffins for the crowd for the morning.

Saturday Morning

After the smoke cleared in the house, everyone enjoyed a hot breakfast.

I’m not a morning person so PhilBillPaul had so nicely put the casserole and potatoes in the oven. The casserole overflowed in the oven while he slept through the beeping timer and the smell continues to waft through the house as I type this.

Wizzy came home specifically for Scary Baby’s church basketball game.

Before the game we were down to six college girls because one went to work.

Wizzy is the coach of the team and this was their first game.

Sadly, Scary Baby has not experienced as many basketball victories as her darling twin sisters.

Jordan led the team prayer. Ashleigh helped her coach the team. Jenna kept the book. Rachel, Joanna and Jordan provided a very loud cheering section.

15-14 was the final score with a GIANT victory.

She whispered to her former coach of 12 years a.k.a. PhilBillPaul,

“That’s how it’s done.”

While Wizzy went to her doctor’s appointment with Jordan, the remaining four kindly took Scary Baby to lunch. Jenna headed to her own house so then there were five.

After a short nap and a small scene when the six of them walked out to Roger Leroy’s car…the Humpfreeze girls had to come back in and review:

Why we don’t put six people in a five passenger car
(it’s not just my rule – hello – IT’S ILLEGAL)

They were off to the roller rink for a few hours of skating (activity #2).

Wizzy stayed behind and another friend picked her up and she headed back to school with friends – she’d had enough of us.

They spent Saturday night at Jenna’s house (activity #3) while PhilBillPaul sipped on his codeine cough syrup and watched the Falcons get whipped.

We were down to three extras on Sunday and following an afternoon movie (activity #4) they came back to the house for a gourmet meal.

Cheeseburgers and kettle chips. Fan-cee as always!

Gave me the chance to put some patties in the freezer in case we have another blizzard.

I can’t stop the baking.

I mixed up these Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies while they were at the movie.

I substituted caramel baking bits for the toffee bits I didn’t have. Recipe with toffee bits here.

A collective thumbs up from the group and the fact they are all gone means the recipe is a keeper!

Side note: Leigh Anne–try not to laugh at our first Dollar Store cake plate creation. The plate is a bit warped but that’s part of its charm, right?

Blog Shout Out to the Guests

We had cleaned The Lounge before they all arrived. The darling twins had left it in less than stellar condition at Christmas break. Major bonus points for restoring The Lounge to its original condition. The darling twins are piglets as we have previously revealed here and here so thank you Jordan, Joanna and Ashleigh.

Wizzy and Lisa did the same in the basement guestroom.

Is this a tiny light at the end of the tunnel? Please say it is.

Temperatures in the high 40’s this week so we’re looking forward to a *normal* week!

How was your weekend?


Quality Family Time

The snow and ice have slowed me down from properly documenting December.

The festivities of Christmas Eve were shortened considerably as some of us were working hard to get the Room Makeover complete.

We did stop long enough to have our annual fondue.

Nothing very fancy. PhilBillPaul and I were preoccupied with our unfinished project upstairs.

I snapped a few pictures. We almost forgot the chocolate fondue.

Thank goodness Roger Leroy dumped a bag of frozen strawberries in a bowl and sliced up a banana. Very sad.

And they all got to open that one traditional gift. I think I’ll make an album of 20 years of them sitting on the couch with one present on Christmas Eve.

Then they kindly modeled their new pajamas. The Grunter made sure they sat in birth order.

Side note: This photo was a reenactment of an actual moment just after they put on their pajamas. Scary Baby’s face is expressing her displeasure at being the only 6th grader on the planet without a cell phone. Next year we are starting a new tradition of a NO cell phone holiday.

Game Time

We all love games and I am proud of passing that tradition with the kids. We’ve had kids over that have never played any board games with their family. The times all six of us are together to play is rare with college and work schedules so I really do treasure the times we can play games together.

We were all too tired on Christmas Day to play anything. Finally we pulled it together to play on the day after Christmas.

The completed chalkboard wall screamed “Family Pictionary” and we promised Scary Baby we would all play together.

We drew numbers for teams and all is well as long as we let PhilBillPaul win.

We ended the evening with Apples to Apples.

The Grunter’s partner did not help him win.

Not all fun and games

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Wizzy’s most vivid memory of Christmas 2010. Everything at our house is rarely sunshine and roses. The blog highlights…the highlights.

I asked for a little help from the big kids cleaning up the downstairs after some relaxing, lazy days. After a bunch of back talk and complaining and moaning, I took matters into my hands and started to unwind the vacuum cord.

Wizzy, ever the peacemaker, tried to get me to stop and we started a “friendly” tug-o-war with the vacuum cord. (See we like games even when we are fighting.)

After a minute or so, I might have said something like this,

“If you don’t let go of this cord right now, I’m going to whip you with it…”

Her most vivid part of that memory was the last part of my sentence.

“…until you bleed.”

She has repeatedly imitated me saying this in yet another shining moment of motherhood.

I think I’ve told you before I’m not qualified to be a mother. Especially not to sassy mouthed 19 year-olds.

Back to the games

The night before the darling twins went back to college PhilBillPaul played Monopoly with them and apparently he took no prisoners and whipped them both.

But not until they bled.

Do you still play board games at your house?


Yay-hoo Snow Activities

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to give you more Southern snow updates.

PhilBillPaul wanted you all to have accurate photos of the total accumulation.

There are some great perks of having an impromptu snow vacation.

I’d like to clarify that some of these activities you see on the news are not fully reported when they put up sound bites and funny pictures.

People tend to laugh at Southerners more than in other parts of the U.S.

I’m not denying that I’m right there with them sometimes.

On Monday the local channels pre-empted all regular programming for the entire day. How many ways can you talk about and show snow and ice?

Reporter #1:
“I’m here at this shopping plaza in Lawrenceville where you can see that all the shops are closed except the grocery store. But there are only two cars in the parking lot because you can’t drive on ice.”

Reporter #2:
“Marietta is experiencing freezing sleet. [reporter bends down to poke snow] See that? There is a layer of ice on top of the snow. This is not good.”

Reporter #3:
“There is another car that couldn’t judge the center median. Their car is stuck on top of the cement they couldn’t see and that’s why their wheels are spinning.”


Even so, I feel like I need to defend some of the snow activities during this Blizzard 2011.

First, not only do we not have many winter clothes, we definitely do not have winter toys.

We must improvise.

If you don’t have a sled…

Have your dad blow up your inflatable beach whale.

Pictures are blurry since PhilBillPaul was using the zoom from the porch. It’s really, really cold here – some of us are watching all the fun from the windows.

Second, can you even imagine being a wiener dog born in the South and stepping out in to this stuff?

Hello, they have short legs. How are they supposed to go to the bathroom when the snow makes their legs disappear?

Poor Dudley.

Major News Update

The Grunter even went outside.

He and a friend had a snowball fight. Outside. Shut up.

The only thing better would have been if the darling twins had been home trapped with us. I know that’s what they are thinking too.

But they were already back up at college.

At least they sent pictures to show us how yay-hoo soldiers improvise up in the North Georgia mountains.

If you don’t have a toboggan…

Just blow up your raft.

Make the kids sledding on pieces of cardboard jealous.

I love their creative thinking.

The raft doubles as an excellent snow-hauling vessel.

Such talented snow-sculpting soldiers they are.

Side note: Roger Leroy why are you not wearing your gloves?

Love, your mother.

We’re embracing our third snow/ice day but The Grunter is getting nervous about our food supply.

In fact, I think he’s getting the shakes because this is the longest he has gone without some type of fast food since he started driving.

Stay tuned.


Happy New Year!


We lived through the holidays with all six of us together under one roof.

That is very rare for us with the big kids and their busy, busy schedules.

I’ll document a few of the things from our holidays and post for posterity later this week.

For now, did you hear the most exciting news that happened ’round here?

Snow on Christmas Day in Atlanta

Two of the Humpfreeze children (plus one visiting friend) ventured outside and built this awesome snowman.

As you can see, we don’t have a lot of winter gear on hand for snowy days. (Yes, those are PhilBillPaul’s weird gourds on the deck.)

Wizzy tested her new coat and scarf.

I know for many of you snow is just no big deal. In fact, you may be knee deep in it where you live, but here in the South snow on Christmas Day is really magical.

I hope your Christmas was magical. Happy New Year!


Blogworthy Moments

Yes, I did take a week off from blogging, thank you very much. Guess I needed a vacation after the vacation. Thanksgiving with everyone home is a new adjustment after the darling twins have been gone awhile.

I can hardly believe it’s December which typically does begin soon after Thanksgiving. Go figure. I think I just need to do another month-in-review with a look back at November and share some blogworthy moments.

Do you think blogworthy is a word? If not, let’s make it one today.

Because Scary Baby made it one when she came downstairs and said “Mom, this is definitely blogworthy. You might want to take a picture.”

So in no particular order, here are some…

Blogworthy Moments of November

Granny getting to visit the darling twins at college. We drove up and had lunch with them.

Granny getting to experience five college students and us in a tiny dorm room. She said it was loud.

We wanted to take Granny to have one of those amazing cheeseburgers but because of a horrible accident, the road was closed for hours so we went to the orchard for one last visit and then found Mike’s in Ellijay. Pretty good cheeseburger. All kinds of festive decorations around town and all I get is this one sad little picture.

A shopping trip (not on Black Friday) made Everett and Everina quite tired. I think this picture was snapped before we even started shopping.

The sissies playing checkers.

Granny & PhilBillPaul enjoying a quiet moment at Cracker Barrel while we waited for our table for our gourmet Thanksgiving meal.

Lots and lots of euchre.

Not pictured but present: Everett and I took no prisoners and whomped Granny & PhilBillPaul. Not gloating. Just recording for posterity.

Also recording for our family history: PhilBillPaul is no fun to play with when he’s losing. Just ask poor Lizzie.

PhilBillPaul made these for us on Sunday. So sweet that I send him emails with recipes that say, “Let’s make these!” which really means You make these and we’ll eat them.”

Lordy, lordy make these gingerbread waffles. Visit the blog, Annie’s Eats with the recipe for much better photos than my half-eaten one. She’s an Indiana girl so we knew they’d be good!

Does she have too much time on her hands or…

…is she a budding nail artist?

Toothpick art at its finest. The detail is crazy.

‘Tis the season…

…to reveal Santa’s secret other brother.

Hope you are enjoying this December holiday season!


Look Who Came Home

She hasn’t graced us with her presence much this semester.

She’s BUSY

But she came home TWICE last week.

First to show us her new car.

Then to show us her black eye. From that lovely sport of rugby.

Really she just came home to get the stereo out of her other car that we’ve been storing on the driveway since August when she was told it needed a new engine.

Luckily I found Scary Baby before they left. Seems she thought she might like to go back to college with them and skip 6th grade.

She surprised us a little when she said she was coming home Friday to spend the weekend. She told us this on Friday about an hour before she started driving home.

While at home, she repeated several times “I don’t live here anymore.”

That was in response to being asked to walk her dog or make her bed.

She’s still my precious daughter.

She went to lunch with her brother.

She went to a movie on Friday night with her daddy.

She took Scary Baby shopping on Saturday morning.

She went to a movie with me on Saturday night.

She had brunch with us on Sunday and then headed back to school.

Our table was almost full but we had one empty seat at the island.

We missed having Wizzy home.

No worries, Granny arrives tonight from Texas to spend Thanksgiving with us. And next week the darling twins come home on Tuesday night so we will all be together for almost 5 whole days.

One more note about Soldiers…

In case you might have missed this comment, I thought it was a great time to put it out here in case you have room at your table for an extra guest or two at Thanksgiving.

Julieann is right – what a great random act of kindness to reach out and open your home to a soldier who can’t be with his own family at the holidays.

Please let us hear if you extend an invitation!


Hello November!

The month of October is one of my most favorite months but this one was a blur.

I spent the past few weeks thinking maybe I should hang up my blogging hat.

My fun little blog was causing me stress. I couldn’t get into a routine.

I wasn’t laughing at our daily life and we had too many sad days waiting for updates from Texas.

I was tired. I was stuck.

I heard my own voice in my head saying “My blog, my rules” which is what I have shared with people whom I have helped start their own blogs. I gave myself permission to not blog knowing that I was tired.

I was stuck. I couldn’t write a post.

Besides, my 4 cousins, 12 friends and Junebug would probably be just fine if I went silent.

Then I realized my blog has become our online family scrapbook. I can actually “slurp” my blog into a bound book to add to our very full photo album shelf. (It’s on my list – great, more pressure.)

Our family scrapbooks are filled with photos and words. It’s how I tell our story. That’s always been the most important thing to me. So today, I’m catching up by telling our October story in one post. Just the fun stuff and the mini-crisis of the month for now.

It’s a bonus that friends and family peek into our life and feel caught up and laugh a little. Just remember you are still getting the sanitized, non-Jerry Springer version of life.

Buckle up – it’s a long one with the most pictures ever in one single post!

October Backwards

Scary Baby did her job of trick or treating and gathering 15 pounds of candy to bring home for her loving parents and big brother.

In fact, she kindly sorted it all out and gave us a shoebox full.

You gotta love the note she included in the box she left in her brother’s room.

If you can read it, you have good eyes and yes, they sometimes call him Fabio.

Does that really look like bad candy? She has an aversion to peanuts and does not like M&Ms plain or peanut. How did this child get born into this family? We love her discards!

Thankfully, I rescued the box before The Grunter got home. He actually went out on Halloween with a group of friends and came home with his own sack of candy. I’m surprised anyone even gave a group of giant boys/adults candy.

PhilBillPaul took her to The Dollar Store to get some lovely decorations for the porch the night before he left for Texas.

Scary Baby was some sort of spider witch thanks to the spider witch dress costume that her darling sister Wizzy bought her. This replaced the “Just in case my zentai suit that Roger Leroy ordered for me doesn’t come in time, I don’t need a costume, I’m going to be a hobo.”

The darling twins seem to like to spoil her.

Wizzy stayed on Friday long enough to paint Scary Baby’s face so she could go down to a neighborhood party with friends.

I sent them off with 2 plates of mummy dogs and a plate of cheese fingers.

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at Cracker Barrel and she found the PERFECT witch hat to go with her spider witch dress.

Half off witch hat I gladly put my $7.50 down for. Feeling extra nice, she scored the half off matching gloves.

Gourd Man

PhiBillPaul has been busy cultivating another crop of gourds this season. (Thanks Uncle Jack!)

He somehow managed to squeeze in a gourd painting session with her before he started packing for Texas because that’s the kind of dad he is. Seems she’s looked at old photo albums and said no one ever painted gourds with her. The last child syndrome once again.

She drew the faces and is looking forward to turning them into Jingle Gourds after Thanksgiving. Because of the time constraints, they only painted a few. There are at least triple that amount in the garage and backyard.


That sport we aren’t fond of because we still don’t understand it is alive and well and the darling twins re-joined the team this semester with enthusiasm.

We headed up to their college to watch them play in a pre-Halloween rugby game where we were told that the team was dressing up in costume and playing.

Roger Leroy looks a little disheveled here as a cheetah. Mostly because she played the first half of the game and was a beast. They played Emory and won 4-0. Roger Leroy scored all 4 goals? points? touchdowns? field goals?

Wizzy didn’t dress up and didn’t play because she has injured her back and neck. I praised her very mature decision to sit out. This is one thing the darling twins are not good at – they are tough nuts and play through the pain and bronchitis and pneumonia and any other ailments that they may have.

Side note: Wizzy has now gone to the doctor and had x-rays which revealed the most knotted up back with muscle spasms that the doctor had ever seen. Physical therapy twice a week. Praying that she rehabs and heals and will be pain-free soon.

While she heals, I suggest she audition for a Suave shampoo commercial.

After rugby, we headed to lunch and our favorite apple orchard but I’ll save the food pictures for another day.

Glorious Golf Weather

We were able to take full advantage of some absolutely beautiful days and somehow we coerced The Grunter to get up before 11:00 am and join us for some golf.

Wizzy doesn’t have class on Friday so she came home twice and we got to play.

There is something about golf that lifts my spirits like nothing else does. Golfing in Fall weather with the leaves changing is my most favorite time to play. It’s a real bonus to play with my adult big kids.

Only Wizzy – the kid with the worst luck could get hit by a golf ball TWICE. I’m all worried about the brutal sport of rugby and she gets whacked just below her knee cap by a range ball while riding in the cart!

On our next round, she was a bit skittish every time someone hit. I promised her I had never hit anyone and then promptly hit a shot sideways that skimmed by The Grunter.

It was no surprise that I looked up to see them both like this after I took another shot.

County Fair Fun

Some of my first country music concerts were at fairs up in the Midwest. We’ve been going to the Cumming Fair for many years now and this year we actually got to go twice.

We took Scary Baby to hear Little Texas and the next week we went back to hear Craig Morgan.

It’s a great evening if you are rich and can spend upwards of $100 on the price of admission, fair food, and carnival games. We boycott the rides because neither of us like to spin around and get sick. Lucky for us, Scary Baby doesn’t like them either.

I know I’m still in the 80’s but when did everything get so dang expensive? We could never afford to have all four children there at the same time. There are some advantages to being the last child.

Oh but those carnival games SCREAM her name. We gave her $10 to spend on games. That means she can play two games or if she chooses wisely, she can play three.

The fair is like Toys R Us on crack. We try to set realistic expectations with her and knew she would be overstimulated by everything.

We admit we were not prepared at all for this exhibit about 15 steps from the entrance.

She begged us to let her see the GIANT RAT.

We stayed strong. We said no. I know, I’m no fun at all.

As we headed back to the parking lot, we found the perfect vehicle with a “for sale” sign for Roger Leroy. She’s looking because her Blue Stallion needs a new engine.

Nothing says Georgia like a truck like this one.

Apple Orchard Time

While his brother was in our thoughts and prayers every single day, I knew it was important to make some time to take Phil’s mind off of Texas and taking a scenic drive in the North Georgia Mountains is one of his favorite things to do.

We can’t let October go by without a visit to an apple orchard and we decided to try a new route and headed to Blue Ridge, Georgia.

On our way, we had to come to a screeching stop to snap a picture of Scary Baby and her friend.

I promised she could have a big bag of boogers if we stopped at Booger Hollow.

We had never visited this orchard and it was fun to taste all their varieties of apples and apple cider. We headed to the bakery and had fresh apple fritters and ice cream.

It was 10-10-10 which happened to be our 23rd anniversary and it really was a lovely day.

Our little shopping cart was filled with a mixed bag of apples we had picked out and a half gallon of cider along with caramel and candy apples and some apple maple butter. Yum!

Just as we were about to check out, I remembered we couldn’t bring most of this stuff home…

How Does the Refrigerator Set Off the Smoke Alarm?

A frantic call from PhilBillPaul asking me how close I was to the house because The Grunter was home and was getting dressed to go to work when the smoke alarm went off and he went downstairs to find out why.

He said the kitchen was filled with smoke and it smelled really bad but he couldn’t figure out where the smoke was coming from.

Since he does have a tendency to be a wee bit dramatic, PhilBillPaul was calling me to see if I was close enough to see if his description was accurate or if he should have him call the fire department.

He then added,

“And if it’s really true, I’d really like him to start grabbing some photo albums and I want someone to roll my motorcycle out of the garage.”


Did he really just say that?

Did he really just say he wanted us to save his girlfriend if our house was going to burn down?

Did he totally forget that there were TWO wiener dogs in the basement?

I was minutes from home and I have a real aversion to fire as you may remember.

Scary Baby got off the bus at exactly the same moment as I pulled up to our house. I screamed for her to run in and get the dogs and get away from the house (I didn’t see any flames) and I ran into the laundry room off the kitchen where The Grunter was standing at the breaker box getting instructions from his Dad.

They had determined the smoke was coming from the REFRIGERATOR.

I’m confused because cold things don’t usually burn. But I do understand it is an electrical appliance. With a bit of screaming (on my part) we determined that we could roll it out and unplug it.

We opened all the windows and doors and waited for The Handyman’s arrival.

Here is what he found when he took the back off the fridge.

Well, that and a whole lot of dirt. Definitely the source of the putrid burning smell and the house full of smoke.

The Grunter a.k.a. Our Pumpkin was definitely OUR HERO on this day. If he had not been home, I may very well have arrived home to a house in flames. I get a little sick just thinking about it.

And I count my blessings about how lucky we are.

We are also thankful we had this little fridge in the basement that PhilBillPaul brought up and we made do with that until we could find a replacement.

Yes, that is the story of why we couldn’t buy apples or cider or anything else since we had very limited space in a compact refrigerator for almost two weeks.

Since refrigerators are a little pricey, I suggested we get a used one or a scratch and dent model. After spending an entire Saturday looking, I gave up.

PhilBillPaul didn’t and a few days later had a hot lead on one from Craigslist. I’m cheap frugal and said I didn’t want to pay more than $300.00.

I trusted his judgment when he said he’d found “the one.” He got a friend to help him and The Grunter was present to supervise – apparently he was resting on his laurels after saving the house from fire.

Look at this baby he found.

Way nicer than our old smoking one. Ice and water actually work. Woo-hoo!

It did take some intense cleaning. This will be the only time you will ever see the inside of my fridge or freezer but I wanted to brag on PhilBillPaul for doing such a great job cleaning it for me.

A smoking refrigerator and a tiny dorm sized fridge is great motivation to clean out and get rid of all the weird, sticky, old jars and bottles.

We are thinking of buying food to fill this new model but we’ve been a little busy.

Maybe I’ll tell you about our recalled Whirlpool dishwasher and the repairman who didn’t show up…next week.

Whew! Congrats if you made it to the end of this October chapter length post. I probably should have awarded a prize at the end for my most dedicated readers!

Here’s to November! May it be quieter and less eventful than October.


Teen Drivers

Best 30 second commercial I’ve seen in a long time.

Whether you have teens who will be driving soon…

Or you’ve lived through teaching your teen(s) to drive…

Did you catch your breath like I did?


Side note: I hope it wins awards and they play it in some primetime slots! When I went to look for the commercial online to show PhilBillPaul, I discovered “The Dad” is the real-life father of both the 6 year-old and the 16 year-old girls in the car. Very sweet.

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