Blog Neglect and a Tribute

I haven’t blogged since mid October.

I had a list of reasons to share about why I had stopped blogging.

I planned it all in my head last week how I would get back in the groove on Monday.

Then Friday’s tragedy happened. I was frozen when Roger Leroy sent me a text asking me if I knew what happened in Connecticut. She shared what she knew.

Without turning on the TV, I walked downstairs and hugged Scary Baby and told her I was so grateful she was home with me.

Then I went back upstairs and called PhilBillPaul and turned on the TV and cried.

My reasons for not blogging are small and irrelevant.

As we’ve prayed and had moments of silence for all the families in Connecticut, it occurred to me today that I need to write and capture the rest of our 2012 stories.

Because the little things are the things that keep us grounded when we can’t fathom what others must endure.

Even if you never watch The Voice, this 2 minute tribute is worth watching.

Click here to see the video if you don’t see it in the blog above.

And maybe tomorrow, I’ll be back to blog about the little things.


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  1. 1
    Jenn Ross says:

    Thankyou Sherra..both your post and the clip are beautiful. I wanted to spend last week-end just crying and taking it all in but we had our 5 yr old grandaughter Bella here and we shielded her from all the news. We are all hugging our little ones a little closer and not letting the little things get to us.
    You have inspired me to blog for Thoughtful Thursday today because while we shouldn’t let the little things get to is the nice everyday things we do that do make a difference. A hug, a smile, holding the door open or even finding more patience than we have ever had and taking time to listen. Thanks again…I do miss you blog…you make me smile and that is a blessing.
    Jenn Ross recently posted..My life as a sitcom…new ways not to shower!

    • 1.1
      Sherra says:

      Thanks for your kind words Jenn! Such a gift that you get to have special time with all your adorable grandchildren and I know how much you love them all. Also glad to hear you were able to shield her from the news. I kept mine in a bubble for as long as I possibly could and we watched very little TV in their younger years!

  2. 2
    Ann says: