Birthday turning into a
Birthmonth Party…

We have recently learned that 5 days in Nashville is not significant enough birthday celebration for twin girls turning 17.

Um, and who decided this?

NOT the parents.

Appparently, the Nashville trip falls under the Never Enough Syndrome.

Because getting to personally meet AND touch Taylor Swift was not enough.

Wednesday, which is their actual birthday, I’ll be sure to show you the sheet they tossed on my bed entitled “Bday Plan” early last week.

Because when I was growing up, we spent the whole MONTH celebrating whoever was born that month. NOT.

In a family of six, that would be half the year spent celebrating birthdays.

Don’t get me wrong, we do celebrate (quietly, in our hearts) being the parents of four healthy children. We really do.

But these twin daughters of ours are testing our patience more than usual.

I’m sure it’s because they are twins and have had to share everything.

Starting with my womb. As if this is my fault?

They’ve shared a room. They’ve shared a birthday cake every year.

Mothers of multiples, no judgment here please! Remember we all get to choose whether we dress them alike and if they are split up in school and if one cake with two names works for our family and all those other major decisions that parents of multiples are plagued with.

On the positive side, they are literally best friends and it warms my heart…when they aren’t fighting.

Today I thought I would take a few moments to post about ONE twin instead of two. Yes, I confess, it is hard to not consider them a unit even though they are not siamese. Heck, they’re not even identical. It’s just easier to refer to The Grunter, The Girls and Scary Baby.

So today, I choose Wizzy.

Because as the younger of the two, she always seemed to have to go last for everything.

Well, that and her twin was the dominant a.k.a. bully twin for many, many years.

So here is my photo tribute to Wizzy who is the biggest people-pleaser of our four kids.

She is a peace keeper and a friend to all. She is funny and kind. She is sweet and fiery. She is a leader and is always the first to help. She has a huge heart and loves everyone.


She displayed athletic talent and basketball skill very early. Check out those Converse Chuck Taylor high tops!


She was the best belated Father’s Day present PhilBillPaul has yet to receive.


She let me dress her up in girlie clothes for years. She’s still the *easy* twin to shop with for clothes!


She is unique in every way. She didn’t really resemble her other 3 siblings and is our only redheaded child. Then her cousin visited from Texas and we realized she is a Humphreys through and through. We are still amazed at how much they look alike!


She was the last lucky duck to ride (and drive) Grandad’s golf cart. They had so much fun together with special one-on-one time!


She wasn’t so lucky on Friday when she went to play golf and an errant shot from another hole hit her in the stomach while she was selecting her club. I almost cried when she came home and showed me this horrible mark on her stomach. Notice that she smiled and let me take a picture. Did I mention she finished the round and injuries don’t get in the way of competition.

Disclaimer: Not a lesson she learned from me. I would have stopped playing and drove home crying and stayed in bed for a few days.

Finding out a “redneck” golfer (I’m trying to be nice here) did not even yell “FORE” which is proper golf etiquette when you hit a bad shot and you MUST warn everyone within the sound of your voice.

Thank goodness that she is okay and it didn’t hit her in the head–we would have spent the weekend in the hospital.

Sidenote: If you don’t know or understand all the intricate rules of golf, do us all a favor and learn them before you come out on the course and ruin the game for others. There are books that you can read about the rules or if you can’t read, watch a video. Or, you can’t learn the rules, take up a less complicated sport.

Finally, my lovely, tall, lanky daughter is truly a delight to be around. She wakes up singing like a bird (not inherited from either parent) and really does try to make the world a better place.

Before she embarks on her next journey to make a new friend, help a stray animal or bring a smile to a stranger’s face she has an important job to do. She needs to go shopping for some new jeans because Sunday night she bent over and split her favorite jeans and even if mama could sew, I don’t think we can repair these…


We love you, precious daughter…


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  1. 1
    Gayle says:

    My “never enough syndrome” story…

    Teenage daughter just graduated from high school. Even though husband moved out of state for a new job last January, I stayed in town so my SENIOR could graduate with her friends (this meant apartment living with minimal possessions and NO husband for 6 months). I threw her a VERY NICE party for graduation, I bought her a laptop to take to college and we gave her a week at the beach with her friends after graduation.

    At the family party, after opening gifts from everyone else, she turns to me and asks “Did YOU get me anything for graduation??”

    Just imagaine the look I gave her back….

  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    I am LMAO at Gayle’s comment! My kids have made that same remark before! Isn’t ever enough that we PAY for the party, we HAVE to give them a gift! And not JUST a gift, a GOOD gift. We try to teach them but I sometimes they still don’t grasp the concept of how much we spend.

    I am so glad to learn which of your twins is Wizzy. Have been trying to figure that out from your stories and of course it’s hopeless. At least NOW I know. Of course I still don’t know who’s R and who’s E but guess that’s only fair cause you probably don’t know who’s M and who is A, right? LOL My A is like your Wizzy, isn’t that funny. She’s the second born twin and the “kinder” twin. Much more considerate than her sister although she can’t sing. That’s another talent we missed out on.

    SORRY to hear about her golf ball hit. That is scary when you think it could have just as easily hit her in the head AND that would have been awful. I keep telling my girls they need to take up golf and tennis. Guess I should just sign them up? They’ve never been as athletic as yours though.

    Have a great birth month. Good luck with that and let me know how it goes but do me a favor please and don’t tell any of my kids, okay? I like having a birth month myself but doing it for the kids? Come on! JK, you know!!

  3. 3
    Sherra says:

    Gayle » I cannot believe you didn’t get her a graduation gift??? Geez what kind of Mean Mom are you????

    Melinda » I know it’s hard to tell my twins apart. ROFL. I do believe I can tell your girls apart but then again, that was many years ago!

  4. 4
    Ann says:

    What a wonderful daughter you have in Wizzy! She is truly a delight and I love her, too!

  5. 5
    Tammy says:

    My whole family felt Wizzy’s pain when seeing the picture of the golf ball hit. It made us all hurt just looking at it. I can’t imagine how she she managed to finish her game. Personally I would have done the same thing you mentioned in your disclaimer…boo hoo hoo….OWWWWW…etc, etc, etc.

    When do you think they out grow the Never Enough Syndrome??? I am really looking forward to it with my youngest! She somehow thinks she was dropped off in a rich family and – since I balance the checkbook and pay the bills – I know she is sorely mistaken!

    Thanks for sharing as always! Truly you are blessed!

  6. 6
    Sherra says:

    Tammy » I think ATM machines contribute to this in a big way. They all think you just go to that machine and “get more money.” In spite of the woes that I will continue to share, I do know we are very blessed! Thanks for being a loyal reader and friend 🙂


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